About Karen Weider

Would you like to know what makes me perfect for the job of web optimiser?

It’s my multi passionate nature. You see, to be a web optimiser you need to be a bit of a jack of all trades.

You need to know about traffic generation, customer optimisation, SEO, PPC, Facebook ads, copy writing, sales funnels, web development, analytics, experimentation, business… the list goes on.

I have been hearing the advice “You’ve got to niche” for many years. While I agree it’s good to be an expert in something, I just couldn’t decide. I love it ALL!!!

The downside to this is I’ve become proficient in many digital marketing subjects – and that’s good enough. My expertise lies in pulling together the many complexities of digital marketing and making them work together. This means that I can also spot when something isn’t working.

Why is this my area of expertise?

Since I left school at the ripe old age of 16, I worked in engineering. I started of with a railway apprenticeship. Multi disciplined of course. I was expected to be able to install, debug and finally design, high tech railway signalling systems. I thrived on the technical challenge but no so much on the personal challenge of being the sole female for over 6 years. After years of sexist remarks and various levels of bullying and saving, I was able to pay my way through university.

I was few years older than my class mates but I was in my element. I studied Astrophysics. That was quite the challenge since I hadn’t studied physics at A-level so in my first year I had extra work to make up for the fact I didn’t take a traditional route to uni. I didn’t let the lecturers down though! Three years later I left having completed a dissertation about the end of the Universe. I also used computational astrophysics modelling to predict of the age of our Galaxy. I was quite gutted when my laptop got nicked and I lost all my hard work…

Anyway, science was in my bones. Deciding what to do after uni was a hard decision to make. My options were – stay on at Uni and go for a PhD or go into industry.

I decided to go for industry. I had several wonderful job offers, I settled on working for Astrium Space as a systems engineer. I was to work on the power electronics for the Beagle2, a Mars lander.   It was the perfect job for a multi disciplined, multi passionate soul such as myself. I found my self designing electronics, writing software for a back up timer, power modelling, inspecting and testing solar panels and making sure all the systems that needed electricity were able to work together in harmony. The experiments, the onboard computer, the antenna and many other systems. See, that’s the job of a systems engineer – bringing together lots of systems while equally being able to get your hands dirty if needed.

After that job came a few years working for Airbus UK. I was an avionics systems engineer for the Airbus A380. So, system engineer this time meant testing avionics software but I needed to integrate with fuel systems software models and landing gear software models. I had to write software that knitted it all together.

I stayed in avionics for a few years working for a few other large space and military companies, all along the same sort of lines. Bringing together lots of complex systems, looking for problems, testing solutions.

It’s in my blood.

I’m a fixer, I’m a tester. I’m a multi passionate. I’m a jack on all trades. I’m a master at problem finding, testing and fixing.

I’ve done it for almost 27 years.

And now I’m here. I want to help you test and fix your website.

Why? Because I hate to see you struggle.

I want to see you succeed. You have been given a gift and it’s hard enough to start a business and make an impact – I know. I’ve been working at this business for 7 years. Trying all manner of digital marketing and web development projects.

I was never in alignment with what I really loved.

“Pick one skill and master it” – oh how I hated hearing that. I thought this entrepreneurial world was not for me.

Then it happened.


Web optimiser.

But it wasn’t until after I learned WordPress.

I learned SEO.

I learned Analytics

I learned ALL about funnels and strategy. I should have bought shared in Russel Brunson – and Ryan Deiss for that matter.

I just wanted to keep delivering value upon value for my clients.

All the while, I knew something wasn’t right. I failed to learn about myself.

It was while I ‘funnelling’ for a client who was having a hard time making their funnel convert. Rather than start from scratch, I thought, let’s just test a few ideas out. He had such a great result that I became hooked.

And it all fell into place.

So… if you would like to have me and all of my passion and all of my experience help you gain more leads and sales online book a call with me and lets chat about my new 8 week program designed just for business owners like you.