About Karen Weider & Weider Web Solutions

How many hours have you wasted on your website, only to be disappointed with the results?

Have you decided you don’t need a website or your business because it’s just much hassle?

And now do you find you struggle with your marketing because you feel like something is missing?

Hello! My name is Karen Weider and I am the owner of Weider Web Solutions. 


I work with tiny businesses to help them use their website as a tool to grow their business.

I do this by:

  • Quickly setting up simple websites
  • Coaching them on how to grow the website into a powerful marketing tool
  • Coaching them on how to scale their results by generating traffic from SEO and paid advertising

I also work with marketing agencies to help them get a higher ROI for their clients ad spend by optimising their marketing campaigns.

I have been responsible for results like:

  • Doubling the traffic from Google by making improvements to an SEO campaign.
  • Increasing conversion rates of sales funnels by split testing different copy and web designs.

I also take the workload off busy agencies with tasks like;

  • Technical and On Page SEO
  • Setting up analytics reports
  • Managing Google AdWords accounts
  • Building out and testing funnels

I also offer consultations in the following;

  • Website planning
  • Marketing campaign optimisation
  • SEO
  • Content creation
  • Analytics
  • Funnel strategy

The History of Weider Web Solutions (incase you were wondering)

Pre 2010 -> Worked as a software engineering consultant for some of the UKs largest aerospace an defence companies.

2009 -> First baby arrives, Starts to lead a super complicated life while juggling motherhood and a career.

2011 -> Second baby arrives. Bins off the career to stay at home with babies. Fulfils need to create things by building robots out of cereal packets and building websites for a handful of clients.

2014 -> Babies grow up and go to school, leaving more time to learn how to build better websites. Get better at SEO and making sites super speedy.

2015 -> Increase digital marketing knowledge by investing in a lot of coaching and training.

2016 -> Begin optimising funnels and helping small business get clear on their strategy.

2017 -> Gain experience in traffic generation on Facebook and Google Ads platforms. Start working with agencies to help them improve ROI of client budgets by optimising their clients marketing campaigns.

2018 -> Apply previous years experience to building better websites for small business and coaching them on how to integrate their website into their marketing.

Meet Karen, the Mum


I left my career once my second child was born. Family life made me change my priorities. I was previously working up to 60 hour weeks. As a consultant I moved around a lot, I had to stay away and sometimes my commute could be over 90 minutes one way. Back then it was worth it, It was paid extremely well. I couldn’t complain.

But it could be stressful. The long hours meant little time for anything else. But I was asleep to any alternative. I thought I had made it! I was working independently, I was pretty much my own boss.

Then I woke up! Or more like my new baby woke me up!  Going back to work after having Lily was the biggest eye opener for me. Suddenly I realised there was more to life than work work work. The money was no longer a factor. The mindless conversations at work about things that just were not interesting to me. I hadn’t seen it before.

Now I was awake and I planned my escape. I saved what I could, and after my second baby was born I waved goodbye and didn’t look back.

That was 8 years ago and I haven’t regretted my decision on bit.

Being my own boss has meant more time for family. I’ve also had lots of ups and downs. Feast and famine cycles. Self doubt. I have grown in more ways than I thought possible. Each day I get more confident. Each day I learn. Each day I am challenged. It’s not easy.

So, I don’t only build websites, I understand the full power of them and the importance of using them as a marketing tool which is even more important when you are the only person in your business. You don’t have a sales person to do your selling, you don’t have someone who can answer questions all day long, you don’t have someone who can do your networking while you actually do the work. That’s why it’s even more important to understand how you can make your website work harder for you.


Meet Karen, the Digital Marketing Consultant 

Over the past 8 years I have seen a constant stream of businesses sending people to their website (using paid or free methods) but then finding it really hard to get measurable results from their efforts. They are marketing but they don’t know if it’s working and they don’t know how to improve their results. We are living in a golden age of opportunity and so many small businesses are opening and being lulled into a false sense of security that if they have a website the clients will come.

I know this because many of my clients are in this category. After building my first few websites it was clear that the clients do not just ring you up. In fact, it was quite clear that they don’t even see your website unless you put a whole lot of effort into telling them about it.

In a bit to give my clients a better, more valuable service I learnt about building websites that were Search Engine Optimised. That was great for the long term, but what about the short term? So I learnt about Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Then it became obvious that a site with traffic was still useless unless it could convert that traffic into something valuable like leads or sales. So then I learnt about Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Finally, I realised, optimisation can be applied to the whole customer journey, from cold prospect to warm lead to hot buyer. And optimising each step of that journey was the way to truly deliver value to my clients, both my small businesses and to agencies.

Now, my heart jumps with joy when I get the chance to work with small businesses who like me, are in it for the work life balance. We are a new breed or entrepreneur and I think we should stick together!

Let me help you improve your website, your marketing, increase your visibility, get more leads and grow your business! 

We’ll start off with a chat to see which of my services can help you. Then I’ll make a plan according to you needs. If you are a tiny business who needs coaching, we’ll combine face to face calls over Zoom with unlimited email support to ensure you get the support as you need it.

If you are opting for ‘done for you services’ or consulting then we will plan out the work in advance and have weekly catch up calls.

When we work together, you will be challenged. Getting your marketing right is not something that happens overnight. My services are only for people who are ready to start thinking long term and see the benefit in building strong marketing foundations. One thing is for sure you won’t be disappointed . You will view marketing in a different light and will have the confidence and knowledge to know how to use your website to grow your business.

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