The history of Weider Web Solutions

Pre 2010 -> Worked as a software engineering consultant for some of the UKs largest aerospace an defence companies.

2009 -> First baby arrives, Starts to lead a super complicated life while juggling motherhood and a career.

2011 -> Second baby arrives. Leaves the career behind to stay at home with babies. Fulfils need to create and fix things by building robots out of cereal packets and building websites for a handful of clients.

2014 -> Babies grow up and go to school, leaving more time to learn how to build better websites. Get better at SEO and making sites super speedy.

2015 -> Increase digital marketing knowledge by investing in a lot of coaching and training.

2016 -> Begin optimising funnels and helping small business get clear on their strategy.

2017 -> Gain experience in traffic generation on Facebook and Google Ads platforms. Start working with agencies to help them improve ROI of client budgets by optimising their clients marketing campaigns.

2018 -> Apply previous years experience to building better websites for small business and coaching them on how to integrate their website into their marketing.

2021 -> Focus on serving clients who’s website and SEO need regular attention by providing high end WordPress and SEO care plans.

Weider Web Solutions beliefs

Knowledge is empowerment.

A little bit of knowledge can go a long way.

I think empowerment through education is very important. If you are investing in marketing and your website, you need to know all the facts plus some technical and strategic information.  Not only can I use your data to provide the facts but I can (and love to) share my technical and strategic knowledge about SEO, WordPress and conversion rate optimisation with you.  I want to educate you about your marketing and your website to empower you to make the best possible decisions to help you grow your business.

A client of mine was investing heavily in various social media campaigns. They came to me asking “Karen, I can’t keep up with all my social media channels. Which one should I focus on?” I was able to analyse the value of the traffic for each source so they could see which one worked best for them. This helped them stay more focused instead of thinking they had to follow the latest social media trends. 

Work smarter not harder.

I don’t like the idea of wasting time and money on non essential tools and activities. That’s why it’s important to understand what is and what isn’t working so you can focus on improving and scaling what works. I’m also a bit of a bargain hunter so I always spend time looking for the best free or cost effective methods of marketing online. 

I was managing a Google ads campaign for a client who had a high cost per click for their ads. They hadn’t thought about implementing a re-targeting campaign. I knew they would get clicks for less if they set up retargeting audiences. I was able to get them extra clicks which resulted in extra enquiries for a third of the cost they were originally paying. I want to save you time and money where possible, I know you don’t have bottomless buckets of time and money.

You need to understand the basics.

I believe you are capable of more than you think. I know that data analysis can feel complicated and overwhelming if you are not good at numbers and not naturally analytical. I can help you measure your marketing, analyse and understand your data. I speak in plain English so you can understand what is and what isn’t working.

As a business owner you need to understand your data. You don’t need to be an expert but you do need a basic grasp of a few things. Once you can afford to outsource you should but the process will be a lot easier when you know what you are talking about.

I offer intensive coaching sessions for WordPress, SEO and analytics. I want to show you that if you are willing to learn that you can understand things that you may have previously thought were too complicated for you.

You are a genius so own it.

I believe you have a genius inside you, so let her out. Stick to what you are amazing at and stop trying to wear all the hats in your business. Outsourcing is a natural step in a growing business. One of the first things you should outsource is ‘the stuff you are not good at’. If you are not maintaining your website to a high standard, out source it to me. When the time is right, stay in your zone of genius and outsource the rest.