ADWords Account Audit


You heard the Google Adwords can get you new customers but are you finding it’s working out too expensive? Or hard to set up manage?  Or you are just not getting the results you expected?

There are many moving parts to an Adwords account and your problem can be down to any number of things.

My Adwords audit will highlight what could be improved in your account so you can spend less and drive more traffic to your website,

What I will check during the Adwords account audit.

– Account setup and structure
– Account Settings
– Location
– Keyword selection and match types including negative keywords
– Ad group structure
– Ad position
– Search impression share
– Quality Score
– Bid strategy
– Advert text
– Ad extensions
– Conversion tracking

I am not able to comment on every specific minor change necessary. This audit will give you enough information for you to make improvements.

Extras I can provide at an extra cost:

  • Keyword suggestions, including negative keywords.
  • Competitor analysis. Find out what your competitors are doing on Adwords.
  • Campaign set up.
  • Monthly Account management and reporting.
  • Landing page analysis
  • Landing page design

Why choose me to help you?

I am an Adwords certified specialist with a skill for conversion rate optimisation. That means, with me, I don’t stop at the advert, I have the skill and experience to test and optimise landing pages making sure you get the highest return for your ad spend.

Next steps

Email me at with your AdWords Account ID/number. Also, tell me about your business and what you are trying to achieve with Adwords. Please include your monthly budget for Adwords


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