Karen helped me increase my conversions by 30%! She is super helpful and knows her stuff! I would highly recommend Karen!

Alanna Rose

Do you know you have a great service to offer but get frustrated because nobody is signing up? That was just my situation when I contacted Karen to review my landing pages. My main landing page for email opt-ins had 848 views, but only a .2% conversion! I thought it looked great and was compelling. But, clearly my numbers told a different story. Karen did an amazing review filled with many actionable steps to improve my landing page. I am anxious to finish making all of the changes she suggested to see how my conversions increase. Thank you Karen!

Sonja Sandholm-Pound

I want to Thank Karen Weider for reviewing my landing page. After reviewing my landing page and asking me a few questions, Karen ascertained that there was a problem of getting potential clients from my opt in page to the discovery call. She proceeded to offer help that was real help on how to up level my emails to get people to the discovery call and ultimately to my program. This was amazing how effortlessly Karen was able to see what my problem was and how to strategically correct and resolve the issue. I now have a plan I can implement to move forward. That's what it's all about moving forward. Sometimes we need people like Karen Weider to help us do just that. I totally recommend Karen Weider, she has expertise in Web Solutions for real.

Hillary Gooden

Of the tests Karen gave me, two worked really well and got me from a 7% conversion rate to 11-12%. Super happy. The CTA button alone bumped it by 3% and the social proof gave it another 1-2%.


Thomas Griffin

I had a 2 hour one to one intensive session with Karen, she was brilliant at explaining SEO and I came away with lots of ideas, mostly around getting my future blogs SEO worthy!

Helene Jewell

Karen at Weider Web Solutions has helped me to define exactly what I need to do with regards to SEO and has helped me every step of the way. I would highly recommend her.

Emma Burton
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