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Insights into your marketing and website performance to help you make data driven business decisions
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Understand your website & marketing. What is working and what is not.

Marketing activities cost you, in either money or time. You don’t have a bottomless pit of either, so to help you marketing your business more efficiently you should know what marketing activities are driving results and what ones are not. Using data to drive your future business decisions is a more sensible and reliable approach than just guessing. Knowledge is power.

Some questions a good analytics strategy can answer

Should I focus on SEO or google ads?
Which social media channel is bringing me the most leads & sales?
Is my social media strategy working?
is my blog engaging and growing my email list?
Which lead magnet do my instagram followers prefer?
How many people saw my lead magnet but decided not to download it?

The reason most people don’t get VALUE from their analytics is because they don’t know what to measure OR they are measuring the wrong thing. That’s why setting up analytics is a bit more complicated than just adding a bit ot tracking code to your website. 

What is included in the analytics and reporting service?

 1: Google Tag Manager tracking setup

I will use Google Tag Manager if necessary to add tracking to your website to track your website conversions. Your conversions may be, track contact form submits, track lead magnet downloads etc. I will add tracking for up to 5 actions.

 2: Google analytics set up and configuration

I will add Google Analytics to your website via Google Tag manager and configure it with the proper views, basic filters and I will set up goals for each of the actions you want tracking.

3: Google Search Console set up

I will set up Google Search Console and add your sitemap.

4: Google Data Studio

Using the data from Google Analytics and google Search Console I will create reports for you to cover Search Engine Optimisation, Traffic sources and Goal Conversions.

5: Analytics Power Hour

We will spend an hour over Zoom where I will talk you through your reports. You can ask me all your analytics related questions.

6: Data insights

After 4 weeks I will check your reports and give you my insights into what is happening with your SEO and your website conversions. I will send this as a recording.


£299 + VAT

  • Upto 5 actions tracked
  • 1 detailed report
  • 1 hour Zoom call
  • 1 data analysis after 1 month of data collection


If I can’t track and report on your 5 most important conversion activities I will give you your money back.

Frequently asked questions about the ‘Google tracking, power hour and data insights ‘ service

Do I have to have a WordPress website?

No, I can do this for any website.

Can't my brother / friend / web designer do this cheaper?

If someone is offering to do this cheaply then they are doing you a disservice. Yes, anyone can grab a snippet of code and add it to your website, and that’s why many business owners fail to make use of their analytics. They don’t know how to correctly configure Google analytics or create valuable reports. The price I’m offering is extremely good value. If in doubt I challenge you to find the same service from someone with over 10 years of anlaytics expereince for cheaper.  

What if I am not analytical in the slightest?

I would recommend you let me give you data insights on a monthy basis.

Does my website have to be finished?

Yes, tracking can only be added once it is finished.

Can I track more than 5 events?

Yes, just tell me what you want tracking and I will give you a quote.

What if I want an extra event tracking a few months later?

Just contact me and I will give you a quote for adding extra events and updating your reports.

Are the reports easy to understand?

Yes. Google Data Studio allows me to display inforamtion in an easy to read, easy to understand format. If you ahve any questions about the report I will answer them on our Zoom call.

Will the tracking slow down my site?

I will use Google Tag Manager so your site shouldn’t be slowed down.

Will you need to change my website?

Depending on how your website has been built I might have to add a bit of code on a few of your pages to enable your actions to be tracked.

Are you ready to start gathering useful data on your website and use it to make better business decisions?

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If you are marketing your website it’s sensible to use data to help you make better business decisions. It can take weeks or months to gather enough data to help you so the longer you leave it, the longer it wil be until you can make data driven decisions.  Email me now so I can get started on your analytics and you can start making data driven decisions.