Updating your WordPress website FAQs

Yes you can do this via a manual update. Take a back up of your site.Download the WordPress version you need from the WordPress website.Using your file manager program navigate to your website root folder. Delete the old WordPress folders  ‘wp-includes’...

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How to update WordPress using a staging site

If you update your WordPress files, or your plugin files on your live site you are risking taking your whole site down. Hang around any online forum or Facebook group for a little while and you are 100% sure to hear the horror stories about 'white screen of death'...

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My email has stopped working

If you have an email account that your website hosting is providing and you think it has suddenly stopped working then here are a few steps for you to take. Quite often the server hasn't gone down, it is the connection from the server to your email program eg....

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What is a Google SERPS Check

When I am carrying out an SEO audit, one of the first things I do is a Google SERPS Check. This is a check to see if your website is listed in Google and has been correctly indexed.   If a website is not being indexed correctly then you may see no pages listed when...

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what is a google serps check

WordPress Blog Posts Quick Edit Settings

Update the published date and time for a WordPress post. WordPress If you have bulk created some blog posts you will find they will have published times very close to each other. If you want to spread out the times so it looks like you have been posting regularly...

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WordPress Post quick edit option