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Continuous Care Program

Fact! Websites degrade with time!

Ok so if you have got this far, you understand it takes a fair bit of effort to get a great website online. If you are hoping that’s the end of it for a few years, you are sadly mistaken.

The performance of your website will naturally degrade as your visitors become accustomed to the look of your website. What they react to and how they respond will change. Imagine a shop window. Keep it dressed exactly the same, year after year and you will bore your visitors. You will lose engagement, visitors and the ability to convert those visitors to customers.

How do you keep visitors engaged and converting to customers?

Your website needs to be updated with fresh, useful content.  Our websites are built so you can update them easily but our experience shows most business owners are too busy to do the updates. And if you do get the time you are not sure what you should be updating your site with. This is not a great future for your website. Updating it in a haphazard fashion will certainly decrease its value since your visitors will feel lost and confused the more you add random content.

How do you update your website in a more controlled way?

By having a strategy.

If you think about the what and why when you are updating your website really helps you to update it strategically and not just randomly. Updating for a business reason is the best way to get more value out of your website. Perhaps you have a promotion coming up? Or someone has joined your team? Maybe you need to add educational material? Maybe you have changed your services? Businesses can change and it is important that your website stays inline.

By knowing what does and doesn’t work

How do you know if your site is engaging? How do you know if visitors are converting to customers? When you measure your site, you know the answers to those questions. If the answer is “My visitors are not converting” then you can start to take action. You can test alternative content, headlines, colours, call to actions etc. You can see what increases the performance of your website and then you can make changes accordingly. You can’t do any of that if you are not measuring and if you are not prepared to test.  This is called optimising your site.

So how do you make sure your website doesn’t degrade?

You make strategic changes and ongoing optimisations.  If you are small business you will need a highly trained web master to carry out this work or you can let us look after your website on the Continuous Care Program.



What happens during the program?

We meet every three months and discuss the last three months that have passed and the three months ahead. We discuss two areas. It is like a mini discovery.

1. How to keep your website inline with your business.

  • We talk about what is happening in your business and how your website should change to reflect your business.
  • We will create a plan on what to update on your site for the next three months.

2. How to keep your website performing.

  • We will review your site analytics and give you insights into visitor behaviour.
  • We will discuss what is happening on your website and what we can do to improve it.
  • On your agreement we will set up and monitor tests.
  • Using the results of the tests we will improve your website to make sure it is always providing value to your business.


What are the benefits?

Your website will always be inline with your business. It’s not much use having a website that is months out of date, it makes your business look unprofessional.

All your changes will be strategic and data driven. That means changes will happen for a reason and not just because you feel you have to. You might know you need to keep your website updated but you might not be sure exactly what to change. The tests we run will tell you what to change. The changes will improve your websites’ ability to reach its goals.

 How much does this program cost?

Prices vary depending on the size of your website and what needs to be monitored.

Ready to start your discovery process with us?



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