Funnel Success Rule 2: Have a thirst for learning

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Strategies you learnt a few years ago, might not work today. Technologies that were cutting edge yesterday, can be replaced in an instant with todays latest ideas.

There is so much information, so much technology, so much development it is impossible to keep up with everything. Just when you think you have cracked a new skill, something else comes along.

A life in business is a life of learning.

I should know, I tried! I did SEO. I did social media management. I did website design. I did email marketing. Basically – if it was digital, I did it. I trained – constantly. I couldn’t keep up!  I got overwhelmed and did two things. Expanded my team to cover SEO and Social media and I decided to focus on ONE skill. Sales and marketing funnels. I still need to know a heck of a lot about digital marketing and I still enjoy keeping up but the pressure is off to LEARN EVERYTHING!

Another example is Facebook ads. Just when you thought you have it cracked, Facebook roll out a new ad type or changes its rules. Yes, something else to learn.

You will never know everything, but that does that mean you should give up?

NO!, absolutely not… you must continue learning. So how do you keep up with all these changes without being overwhelmed?  Pick the bits you want  to learn and get help with the rest. but choose carefully and take it at a pace that is right for you.

Funnels can be overwhelming. It can seem like there is a huge amount to learn. With time it is possible to learn what you need but it is a discipline that evolves. Funnel success depends on you knowing what is working and what isn’t. It depends on you learning what is necessary to keep improving. That is only way to get sustainable results.

A learning attitude is for life (not just for funnels). Evolution never stops. We will always be students. One of the best things you can do to help your learning is decide on the skills you will learn, and decide on the skills you wont, and leave those for the experts. Of the skills you want to learn, find the best sources of information and a mentor to help you.To help you work out how you work best, watch this video;

Find out more about it here;

Stop feeling the need to do everything and learn everything. It’s OK not to know. It’s OK to ask for help. Business is an evolving game in which we never stop learning so don’t put yourself under pressure to know it all right now. You need to adopt a mindset that enables you to learn slowly but constantly and also means you can surround yourself by supportive people who will help you reach your goals.

Actions. Lets get list building… no, not your email list; well not yet… Write a list of areas of your business you need to know about. Now mark the areas you enjoy and are happy to learn and have the time to learn. Now mark the areas you need help with. Start to build a list of contacts / references and accept that learning is constant. Aim to learn just a little each day. How can you make learning part of a daily habit? How can you build a team to take the pressure of you having to learn EVERYTHING?

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