Funnel Success Rule 3: Expect things to change

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If you are a believer in Charles Darwin theory of evolution, you will appreciate that those who adapt best to their environment will survive. You will have no doubt heard the saying, survival of the fittest. It is no surprise that where we have learnt to adapt, to change, to grow, we progress and survive and thrive.

It’s exactly the same in business. Change is around us all the time. If we don’t recognise that change, and adapt we will become extinct.

Technology changes

The internet is one of the biggest changes affecting how we do business. Many businesses are suffering because their lack of willingness to adapt. How many bad websites exist because the business owner doesn’t see the need to update it and make is mobile friendly? Its his competitors that will get more online visibility if their websites are more user friendly. Durning my time as a web developer I tried to educate many business owners about the importance of keeping up with the times.  have to admit, not many wanted to face facts, even when they were presented right in front of them. But look. I would say, showing them their Google analytics data. 200 people visited your website, 80 from a mobile phone. Now look how many mobile phone users contacted you – thats right, zero. Now look how many desktop users contacted you, 30. Shall we update your website so more mobile phone users will be able to contact you? No – would come the reply, they can just call me.  These people who don’t embrace change will suffer in the long run. By the time they realise they need to adapt their competitors will have taken their market share. and that can be hard to bounce back from.

Got to embrace change and go with the flow.

Businesses change

Not only does technology change but our businesses change. I started off just building websites, then I offered digital marketing, now I am specialising in funnel strategy. This has been a 7 year journey for me, I am excited to see where it goes. I have a few ideas 😉

I have tuned my business to give my audience what they want. I could keep harping on about responsive websites but I wanted to offer more valuable services, help businesses make more money using their website. The more funnels became known the more I realised I could offer this is a stand alone service rather than an integrated with website design. I was able to help more people that way! Attitudes towards web design were changing too. ‘Proper’ web design is expensive and that meant only doing a few big jobs a year. I wanted to reach out to more people with a service that more people could afford.

Results change

So, we have established that technology and business change. Finally, let me tell you that results also change.  Because of technology and businesses, the results we see will never be steady. Lets take Facebook ads. You could have a fantastic ad campaign running but after a few weeks, it may start to decline. Your audience will tire of the ad and you will get less interaction. You need to be there, monitoring, so you can see when that happens.  You can’t just set and forget. How about google ad-words. Your campaign might be running along smoothly until a competitor comes along with a way higher budget, he’s after your turf! Suddenly your gone from the ads! Would you even know? Are you w=even monitoring? What about email marketing? Your list might stop wanting to read your emails. Are you checking? Are you watching for a decline and do you have a plan for when it will happen, because it will.

Funnels are no different. Chances are you won’t see results immediately. You will need to test and tweak each stage until you see the results you want. Even when you see results you need to monitor your results so you can identify the time when your results take a nose dive. You can also be ready with your new plan for when it’s time to change your ads.

Too much around us changes, so you cant afford to be complacent.

Test, monitor and improve.

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