How to create a quick killer headline

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Because you have better things to do than waste half a day thinking this one over.

If you believe all the ‘experts’, you should be spending at the same amount of time on your headline as creating the content (for your blog post / lead magnet – what ever you are creating). Ok, that might be fine for some but for most of us we just want to get this content done and out there. Right?

I’m not going to teach you copywriting 101 or anything fancy like that. I’m just going to show you a quick and dirty way to get a great headline done and dusted.

It all becomes easier once you understand the purpose of the headline. And that is to catch the attention of your reader, stop them from what they are already doing and look at yourconten. If your headline is not grabbing attention, you will have no body reading your landing page. Your headline is there to make a promise to the reader. A promise of what they will get if they consume your content.

People feel engaged with your copy if they feel like it is speaking directly to them and the headline is no different. This ability for the reader to relate also makes the reader feel like they are in the right place and so they are likely to keep reading.

Ok, so how do you write an attention grabbing headline?

You don’t need to over think this. Your headline needs three things;

  • It needs to be clear and not ambigous,
  • It needs to be simple to understand
  • It needs to make a promise of one big thing, ie it brings a benefit or it avoids a problem.

The quick and dirty method.

I have to assume your content is being written to help your readers. If it is not then you need to think about the purpose of your content and weather people are really going to read it. If you are helping your readers with a problem, the simplest way to write a headline is to use a “How to” headline. Since you are helping your reader with a problem, a ‘How to’ headline will be appropriate. Here are a few (courtesy of Digital Marketer) to give you an idea.

  • How to Get [desired result] in [time period]
  • How to [desired result] Like [world class example]
  • How to turn [blank] into [desired result]
  • How To [desired result] When You’re Not [blank]
  • How To Make People Line Up And Beg To [blank]
  • How to fast-track [desirable result]
  • How To Become [desired result] When You [something challenging]
  • How To Build a [blank] You Can Be Proud Of

And that’s all. There, I told you it was quick and dirty.

Now when you have more time you really want to be split testing headlines to find the one that gets the best reactions. So when you have a spare half a day (as if) I want you to brainstorm more headlines and begin to test them out. But for now just get one done and you will be good to go!




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