Why mindset matters for sales and marketing funnel success

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Why mindset matters for sales and marketing funnel success

There is no doubt that having the right approach to your sales & marketing funnel will determine the level of success you will experience. There are 5 mindset shifts you need to make to give you the best chance of success.

Mindset shift 1: Always Adopt A Customer Focused Attitude

If you operate your business from a place of service, you must put your customer at the centre of everything you do. That means you must consider their needs every time you make a business decision.

Every time you write a piece of content.

Every time you create a product or service.

You must always think, “How does this help my customers?”

To help you make this mindset set shift there are a few concepts you need to totally be on board with.

  1. ’Everyone’ is not your target market.  Focusing on a particular niche will really focus your message and make the rest of your marketing easier.
  2. You need to give you clients what they want. The ability to grow your business with market demand is key to not becoming extinct.
  3. It’s not about you, it’s about your clients. Stop thinking you are important, you are not. Your customers don’t care about you, they only care that you can help them.

Checklist: Do you have a customer focused attitude to business?

  1. Your website copy is written mainly around your customers needs and problems.
  2. Your website copy is there to mainly help your website visitors.
  3. You question your customers frequently about what problems they have and how you can help them.
  4. You regularly seek feedback about how you can improve your products or services.
  5. You place at least equal importance on keeping current customers happy as you do on finding new customers.

Mindset shift 2. Always Have A Thirst For Learning

Funnels are just a part of marketing. Marketing is always changing. As a business owner it is your responsibility to be aware of developments that can help your business succeed. I’m not saying you need to be an expert, you just need awareness – at least at a strategic level. The biggest killer to your growth is an attitude of either ‘I don’t need to know that’ or ‘I already know everything’. To avoid overwhelm (because there is a huge sea of information out there) a positive, efficient attitude to learning should be adopted.  You should be comfortable with the following concepts;

  1. Your learning is never finished. If you get into a habit of daily learning you will always be growing. Spend 5 minutes a day reading a blog you trust to keep you up to date with what is important.
  2. You will never know everything I need to succeed so I need to keep on learning. Don’t stress about the education. We will never know everything – the key is to focus on what is important. What do you need to know to keep your business growing?
  3. Technology changes quickly, you need a trusted source of reliable information to stay up to date.

Mindset shift 3. Be Aware That Business Is Always Evolving

If you are a set and forget type of person you will struggle to make funnels work for you. Why? because people and their behaviour is at the centre of a funnel. The whole mechanics is designed around how people respond to your copy and your offer. People are only predictable up to a point. Trends change, likes & dislikes change. Evolution not revolution is the way forward. (We don’t need to reinvent the wheel to improve our biz)

  1. The following concepts will help you get on board with the idea of evolution (not revolution)!
  2. Testing, monitoring and improving leads improves your chances of success.
  3. Your business is always changing and your marketing needs to keep up.
  4. Your clients needs and attitudes change so your business needs to keep up.
  5.  What your clients need today, might be different tomorrow.
  6. What works today might not work tomorrow.

Mindset shift 4. Be Prepared To Invest In Your Funnel

If your funnel works properly, it will act as a machine. You put ‘something’ in, you get ‘something’ out. You should be able to scale by putting more in, and getting more out. If you don’t put anything in – guess what? You will get very little out. What you put in is traffic. You may have to pay for that traffic, or you may have access to free traffic. Either way, you need to be pumping it in. Most people use paid traffic because it’s quick and you get a return on it from your funnel. The following concepts help to see investment as an essential part of your funnel success.

  1. Investing in your funnel will speed up your success. If your traffic comes in dribs and drabs it will take a long time to spot problems.
  2. Success takes patience, money and time. This can apply to many things! Funnels need to to be tested which can take time and money, it can’t be rushed so patience – as ever – is equally important.
  3. It’s worth the investment if the reward is high. Building and testing a sales funnel if you only have a small turnover might not give you a positive ROI. You need to do the figures. Calculate the cost of traffic and the profit you stand to gain.

Mindset shift 5. Realise Your Business Is Unique

I have seen many magic bullets out there for building funnels. Yes you can build a funnel much like any other but will it work for your business? The key is in the strategy and optimisiation phase. Your offer, your brand and your market are unique to your business and so even though the mechanics of the funnel may look like someone else’s, the way people respond might be entirely different. Stay realistic by understanding the ideas below.

  1. There is no magic, one size fits all strategy.
  2. Success for one does not mean success for all.
  3. Your attitude, your ethics, your product, your clients & your strategy determine your success. This is different for EVERY business.


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