6 branding mistakes that could be hurting your sales funnel conversion rate

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I carry out funnel audits on sales funnels that need to be improved. One of the areas I look at is branding consistency throughout the funnel.

Now when I say branding consistency I am checking that the user experiences a consistent look and feel as they move through the funnel toward the final conversion. Why is this so important? Well, if one page looks and feels different to another, the user starts to feel confused because they are expecting to experience something and that experience is not being met.

One area this is particularly important is when people are using Facebook ads to drive traffic to their website or funnel. There is not a huge amount you can do with the Facebook ad in terms of visual branding, most of the emphasis is on the image. But here’s the problem. Some one looks at the ad, clicks to a webpage and the webpage is so different to the ad that the user clicks away quickly because the think they re in the wrong place. You will know this is happening if you see a high click through rate from the ad to your page but a really low conversion rate on your page.

Another way branding inconsistency hurts you is when people move from your website and into your sales funnel that is hosted on a third party platform like ClickFunnels or LeadPages and no care has been taken to get the pages look and feel consistent with the overall brand of the business.
The experience  the user has consists of what they see visually, what they read and how the combination of the two makes them feel.  So that included your colours, images, your logo, tone of voice, the offer you make in your funnel and the message you deliver. If this is not consistent, the brain doesn’t like it and the user starts to doubt what they read. This results in a lack of trust and zero conversions (meaning the user takes no action what so ever).

The branding mistakes I see are fairly basic and can be put right quickly so no need to worry that fixes will take a lot of time and money put right. Just the opposite really. So, let’s see if you can increase your conversion rate by improving your funnel branding.

  1. Logo use and positioning. Use your logo in the same way you use it on your website. Is your logo to the left or centre? How big is your logo? Use your website as a guide and be consistent. If you users spend time on your website they will be familiar with the position of your logo. Familiarity encourages trust.
  2. Fonts. Use the same fonts as you use on your website, throughout your sales funnel. For exactly the same reason above.
  3. Colour scheme. Use the colour scheme you have already selected for your brand. If you find you ned to deviate from your colour scheme, ask yourself why. Is the back ground to dark? Do the buttons need to stand out more? If you find yourself doubting your colour scheme for your funnel then it’s time to revisit your overall colour scheme.
  4. Emotional response. How are you making people feel as they move through your funnel? If one page is dark overall with just text but the next is bright with lots of whitespace, the will both make your user feel differently. Are you using words that one minute makes your user feel excited but then the next makes them feel like a failure? You need to first understand the emotional response your brand has on people. Ask yourself, “How do I want my brand to make people feel?” and then make sure you funnel reflects that.
  5. Your tone of voice. If people know you as a kick ass coach but then your funnel copy doesn’t get this across, your users won’t believe it’s you speaking and your conversions will suffer. Be clear on your tone and keep your copy consistent with it.
    Your marketing message. Is what you are selling consistent with your overall brand? If you are a coach who talks a lot about helping people reach 7 figures in their business but then tries to sell a basic training that the target audience will already know, it will give mixed messages about the ability of the coach to deliver on the promise of helping people reach 7 figures.

Take action – What can you do next?

Check you funnel pages for consistency and correct the areas that are not consistent.

  1. Is the logo in the right place?
  2. Is the colour scheme consistent with my brand??
  3. Is the font consistent with my brand??
  4. Is the emotional response deliberate with my brand??
  5. Is the tone of voice consistent with my brand??
  6. Is the message / offer / promise consistent with my brand?



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