Help, my Google Analytics isn’t working!

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Have you just looked at your Google Analytics account and saw a big drop in your traffic? Or worse, have you had zero traffic over the past few days when you thought you should have been getting website visits?

Well thats exactly what Jen saw when she checked here Google Analytics account. She could tell something was wrong with the data but she had no idea where to start.

I took a look for here and I checked the following;

  1. Tracking code installed and receiving data.
  2. Views correctly configured.
  3. Filters correctly applied.

You can watch the video walk through here;

I checked the tracking code first and I could see it had not received data in the past 48 hours.

Next I checked her site to see if the code was correctly installed, it wasn’t.

I also noticed her data included spam referral traffic which will only mislead Jen into thinking she had more traffic than she was actually getting.

So, 3 quick tips for Jen;

  1. Re install your tracking code on your website and retest.
  2. Create a new view called master view.
  3. Apply referral spam filters and IP address filters.


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