What does a high bounce rate on your home page mean?

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Open up your Google Analytics account and go and check the bounce rate of your home page.

Go to behaviour -> Site content -> All pages

Look for the page with no description just a ‘/’ at the start, that is your home page. Now look along to the 5th column ‘bounce rate’. What is. If you want ideas on something you can test on your home page put your link below and your bounce rate – let’s see if we can improve it. it? I have got mine down to 66%! I’m really excited about that. It was up at 90% . I know the messaging on my home page was off. I tweaked it and after a week I have seen a difference. This means the people who visited my home page liked what they saw and decided to continue browsing my site.

My bounce rate is no where near what I want it to be yet. Ideally I want it to be less than 30%.

So what does a high bounce rate mean on your home page mean?

First, the high bounce rate means people are only looking at one page then leaving. Now, that is not the goal of the home page, unless you have a one page website. If that is the case, this blog post is not for you. If you have a multiple paged website, then carry on reading.

A bounce rate of 66% means 66% of people who read your home page DO NOT go any further.

If the goal of your website is to get leads and sales for your website, then you need your website to me more engaging than that.

A low bounce rate means visitors are engaging with your site.

So what is your bounce rate?

Go and check it and then come back for part 2. How to set up an experiment to lower your bounce rate.




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