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I am looking for case study clients, could this be you?

Would you like to increase your e-commerce conversion rate or your funnel conversion rate? What would even a 1% increase do to your bottom line?

Let me be honest here. I have been in web development for over 7 years. I moved into conversion rate optimisation last year. I have spent many months training and working on small jobs but I need more proof that I can do this job.

I am looking for you if you have an e-commerce site or a sales funnel that is already getting sales and that already has consistent traffic. How you get that traffic, I don’t care, but it does need to be consistent.

No traffic = no results.

So what can I do for you?

If I take you on as a case study client I will;

Make sure your Google Analytics account is set up ok.

I will set up extra analytics to capture heatmap data and user recordings.

I will analyse your data and define 6 improvements that I think will increase your conversion rate.

I will test the improvements where possible to show the effect on conversion rate. Depending on the change, you may or may not need external support for implementing the change permanently. This will depend on your platform / theme and nature of the change.

As a case study client you will pay £1000 + VAT if applicable. You pay half at the start and half at the end, if your conversion rate has increased.

I cannot guarantee results but if at the end of the 6 tests your conversion rate has not improved, you will not pay the remaining £500.

As a case study client you agree to let me talk about your project and write it up as a case study.

This is a great opportunity to have your e-commerce site, or your sales funnel improved, get some insight into your customers behaviour and deepen your understanding of analytics and optimisation. Oh and you will make some extra sales in the process.

Contact me now and let’s see if your site is suitable.

My results so far. 

I began this optimisation part of business around 12 months ago. I added it to the funnel strategy service I was providing.

I had been working as a web developer offering onsite SEO services for over 7 years so analytics and coding was my bread and butter.

Previous to web development I have always worked in software engineering so testing alongside analytics and coding is something I have always been involved in for over 20 years in various industries,

Client 1: Sales funnel optimisation – client making his own changes and running his own tests.

This project involved my analysis a full sales funnel and generating a report consisting of around 10 tests that the client was happy to run themselves with support from me. The client started (as I had explained) with the tests that would get the highest conversion rate increase first. He stopped after a few tests because he decided to move onto another funnel in his business. This funnel was created with Click Funnels and the client was confident to implement his own AB tests.

Listen the testimonial from Thomas below.

Some of the results he reported.

Thomas Results Weider Wed Solutions Optimisation Client


Client 2: E-commerce site optimisation, I managed the AB testing.

This project was over three months. After a period of analysis the first change I made was to the search bar. This change had a huge impact on conversion rate.

The second test I ran was to decrease the number of people abandoning the cart.

Read the detailed case study here.






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