Do your website changes improve your sales? Really?

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do website changes really improve your salesAre you making changes to your website in the hope that you will get more sales?

How do you know what you are changing is actually going to help?

Randomly changing parts of your site, your design, your content, whatever, on a whim and without data-backed research will have you going round in circles. You will be changing things without properly monitoring the effects.

What if the change you made has the opposite effect and actually hurts your sales? You could lose sales, customers and money.

This approach will leave you burnt out and you will probably have little to show for all your efforts.


You understand that changing little things here and there CAN improve things eventually if you just knew what to change…

Well, there is no magic spell to work out what to change. Instead, there is a process, that will eventually improve your website. But it is an ONGOING process and it will take time. It is something you need to be doing continuously.

Continuously improving. 

If your business relies on online sales then you should strive to continuously improve the sales you are making by continuously improving the experience you give your customers, online and offline.

The outline of the process goes like this;

  1. Identify the pages of your website that is causing the most friction (causing problems for your customers).
  2. Monitor how visitors are using those pages. User recordings are extremely useful here.
  3. Analyse your data and identify changes that you could make to improve those pages.
  4. Test each change, understanding how you would identify if the test is successful or not.
  5. If the test is successful, implement the change permanently.
  6. If the test is not successful, what did it mean? How can you use that learning in your other tests?
  7. Repeat.

if a test is unsuccessful, you shouldn’t consider this as a failure. There will be something you can learn about your customers in the results of the test. It is your job to think about the results and how you can use the new information in a positive way.

To summarise. 

Don’t randomly change things on your website without thinking it through. You will waste a lot of time on useless tests and changes and you won’t get the results you are hoping for.

Spend the time up front working out what actually needs to be changed and make a test plan.

Don’t worry if a test or change doesn’t have the desired effect. See it as a learning opportunity to learn more about your unique visitors and customers.

Think then test, don’t guess!

If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of creating a test plan contact me; I can coach you through it or I can do it for you by creating a Growth Opportunity Report which will tell you exactly what you need to do to improve your site.

What do you think? 

Do you find yourself randomly changing your website in the hope to get more leads or sales? Did it work for you? 

Let me know in the comments below.


If you have enjoyed this article and found value in it, please consider sharing it with someone who would benefit it. Not only will it help them but it will help me too. Thank you. 


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Karen Weider

Karen Weider

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Karen is a website transformation consultant who is on a mission to rid the internet of useless websites by quickly transforming them into beautiful websites that converts visitors into customers. When she is not geeking out over analytics or websites she can be found marathon training, listening to live music or having fun with her two little girls.

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