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I’d like to take my hat off to all you tiny business owners who built your own website.

It’s not easy. 

I’ve seen lots of adverts telling you that building your own website can be easy. Web builders like Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. You also have WordPress theme builders telling you their theme is the only one you need before you too can have a stunning website in no time…

With all this competition for your business, these companies want ‘their’ solution to look the easiest.

It’s easy to fall for the dream.

Being completely in control of your website.

Not relying on designers and developers.

Doing it the way YOU want to.

But its not easy is it.

Well I can’t argue that drag and drop interfaces do make it easy to put a web page together, but thats where it stops.

What happens when you run into trouble. Do you get the support you really need? 

Personally, I build websites using WordPress. I also manage WordPress websites for my clients. I have to say, I frequently run into trouble. There’s always an error code to research or a ‘white screen of death’ to fix.

What looks like a simple problem often to out to be far more complicated that expected.

With WordPress there are no paid ‘official’ channels of support. There is the forum but the support is hit and miss. It can take an age to get a reply. Anyone can offer a solution so you have to really trust them! Mostly, the people responding LOVE WordPress, they are total geeks and will word their responses in a jargon-full way, expecting you to understand. So, it can be a stressful place to find help, especially if you don’t understand the jargon.  It’s not what you want when building your site.

You want someone with a sympathetic ear who can guide you to success in a friendly, non judgmental, non-jargon way.

I’m 100% there for my clients while they build their website using WordPress. Ready to help and offer support when it’s needed. And, if it all gets too much (we all have our limits) then I happily step in to do the work for them.

I also make sure all my clients websites are set up in a way that supports their independent mindset. They know how and where to get the best support for them, in the fastest way possible.

Because do you want to know what really winds me up??

Is people taking advantage of others when they are in their hour of need (aka charging a fortune because the client is desperate).

I want to make sure none of my clients are EVER in a position where they feel so lost or desperate that they hire an overpriced ‘expert’ to help them out of a sticky situation.

I create an individual support plan that makes them feel in control of their website at all times, even when there are problems.

My support plan covers the following.

  • What to do if your site gets hacked.
  • What to do if your site goes down.
  • How to get the best free support if you have a WordPress specific issue.
  • Where to get the best paid support for a WordPress specific issue.
  • How to keep your site secure.
  • How to keep your site backed up.

Do you know why I do this? Because I care very deeply that my clients are not stressed out. I want to celebrate their choice to do it themselves and make it as easy as possible for them.

It’s all about empowerment.

Do you feel empowered to build and manage your website? It Is possible (and easy) with the right support.  

I can give you that support if you want it! I can empower you to be fully in control.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much – Helen Little.

Let’s talk about how I can support you while you build your website! https://weiderwebsolutions.simplybook.it/v2/#book



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