Is a month away from work even possible?

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I made a decision to be a work-from-home mum after my second daughter was born. Building and websites and helping small businesses generate traffic, increase conversion rates and sales got me busy.

In fact, it got me so busy that I was working similar hours to my old 9-5. We are talking 60 hour weeks, very little spare time, no holidays etc…

I love the work I am doing, I love getting results for my clients. I love seeing them ‘get’ the technology, the analytics, SEO, the strategy. Many small businesses get by on work of mouth and can manage well without websites, traffic and all that jazz. But when scaling comes to mind, they need more than word of mouth. And thats where I have been helping.

But, I have not yet, in 8 years, taken a holiday without my laptop. Even last year skiing I worked about 30% of the holiday. Sometimes I love it, I have to admit. Being able to work anywhere in the world has it’s perks.

I’ve worked by swimming pools, on beaches, in the airport.

But, it’s really not all it’s cracked up to be.

Wifi can be dodgy. Power sockets can be hard to find.

Coffee shops can be noisy.

Beaches are sandy.

I’d rather not be working thank you.

I’d rather just, you know, enjoy my time with my family. Knowing business was taken care of.

As I come to the end of another summer holiday where I have had to work, I ask myself, is there a better way to run a business from home?

I know the answer.

I know I must restructure my business so I am doing less paid by the hour work.

I need an assistant (been down this road several times now and it’s never worked out).

I need a way to fulfil my clients need without me being personally there.


Next summer I have made the promise to myself that I will take 4 weeks off work, but I will still bring money into my business. I have until next June to make this a reality.

Think I can do it?

I know I can.

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