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Search Engine Optimisation is the ongoing process of making sure your website content can be understood by search engines and promotion of your content so you gain enough authority that you deserve to be placed highly in the search engine results.

SEO can feel so overwhelming at first, get my FREE guide “7 Steps To Get Better Google Ranking” if you want to feel a bit clearer about what it takes to rank on Google.

Before you tackle SEO, there are three more important areas you MUST address.

  1. Website Security -There is no point sending traffic to a website that could be exposed to hacking.
  2. Essential SEO Tools ->There is no point putting effort into SEO if you can’t measure it.. Read this blog here Essential Free SEO tools
  3. Website & Page Speed – There is no point sending traffic to a website that loads so slowly that your visitors don’t stay.

Read my other blog posts on these areas first then come back to SEO.

If it starts to feel overwhelming please see my services for how I can help you through the process of transforming your website.

I do not offer content promotion services (otherwise known as OFF PAGE SEO) but I can help you with making sure your website can be understood by search engines (ON PAGE SEO). I can do it for you or I offer budget-friendly coaching packages. Click here to read about my coaching packages or contact me to discuss my ‘done for you’ services.

What order should you read these SEO articles? 

They have been written in no particular order but if you are a beginner and want to read them in an order that makes sense then I suggest you start with SEO an introduction for beginners to get a simple overview of SEO.

Once you feel comfortable with the basic concepts, have a think about whether or not SEO is right for you by reading Is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) right for me?

Then once you have decided if SEO is right for you, you need to do some SEO preparation, you will find out how to do that in this article Search Engine Optimisation Preparation.

That should give you enough information to finally write your content for search engines, follow the tips in this article How to write content so it appears in search engines.



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