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So, you want a free SEO audit hey?

I have the perfect thing for you.

Grab yourself a FREE SEMRush account. Did I mention it was FREE?

Just head on over to SEMRush and sign up. You need an email address and a password. It’s as easy at that.

Once you have your account set up (ignore the payment screen), you need to create a project, this is basically your website.

Once your project is set up you can set up your audit.  You will get 100 pages audited for free. Just click on the blue audit button to start the process.

Next, set up your backlink checker, check for toxic backlinks. Bad, spammy backlinks can limit your visibility. If your website has been around a while then this is a really important step.

Fix your technical SEO problems and your On Page SEO problems

Then, fix, fix, fix…..

Sort out your problems.

You will have technical SEO problems, these are site wide issues that stop Google crawling and indexing your site properly.

Then you will see On Page problems. These stop Google from reading and understanding your content.

Being aware that you have problems is the first step to ranking higher in Google.

An audit is the very first step you should be taking if you want to improve your search engine position in Google.

Fixing your SEO problems won’t bring you overnight SEO glory

However, please be aware it’s not the ONLY step you need to do.

You still need to create great content. Have good ON page SEO and promote your content so you get shares and links.

Please watch my video below that shows you how to set up your audit.

You can’t go wrong wth SEMRush.

In my video I mention that some errors can be ignored. For example, pagination errors. Google knows to ignore these pages.

How to fix SEO errors

It’s great to know you have problems, being aware means you can fix and improve. But what if you don’t know how to fix them?

Well you have two choices.

Choice 1: If you want to fix your errors yourself here is what you need to do.

Read the information provided next to each error in the SEMRush dashboard. SEMRush gives you a lot of help here.

Then Read some highly respected blogs such as SEMRush and Neil Patel. These will help solidify your understanding of SEO. I look at Yoast too. Even if you are not using WordPress you can still find a lot of value on that blog. Once you understand the problem you can try to fix it. Some of them can be really technical and you might need extra help. Some will be fairly straight forward. Where you stop and call for help will be down to you.  When you do decide to get help then you can look at choice 2 below.

Choice 2: Get help.

I can fix the majority of technical SEO problems so send me a message if you get stuck. I offer a service where I can fix the majority of your problems, I also include a website tune up where I check your plugins, speed up your site, make sure your backups are good and fix any other website niggles you may have. This is great for websites that have been neglected!

So, are you going to give an SEO audit a go? Let me know in the comments below how you got on.



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