How to SEO a WordPress Site

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If you are blogging for your business you want your content to be found on Google right? This article will help you understand how to SEO your WordPress site so you can benefit from the free traffic Google can send you when your content matches what people are searching for.

So first things first, if you are already creating content then you are already doing SEO. If you are not consciously thinking about your SEO then there is a very high chance that you are doing it badly. The main reason for this is that you probably just don’t understand how WordPress SEO works. And that’s OK. Your job was never to be an SEO expert. So let me explain briefly how WordPress SEO works.

How does WordPress SEO work?

Well, first let me say that if your site is on WordPress it doesn’t automatically mean you will rank well on Google. It just means you have an easier way of optimising your website to help it get ranked. You still need great content and people to read, like, share and link to your content.

But, WordPress has a few features that make SEO super simple. You are able to control certain parts of your ON Page SEO that other platforms may not give you control over.

You can update your page titles, meta descriptions and URL really easily.

You have full control over your hosting so you can opt for super fast setups, you are not restricted by the server performance of the platform company (e.g. Wix).

WordPress structures its websites so they can be easily crawled by search engines, making our site fast and easy to be indexed.

WordPress automatically updates your sitemap and alerts Google when you update your website so it takes very little time for your fresh content to get crawled and indexed.

Plugins have been written for WordPress that make SEO even easier – such as Yoast.

So now you a little bit about how WordPress SEO works, let’s look at improving the SEO of what you have.

How to improve WordPress SEO

The quickest way to improve your WordPress SEO is to download the WordPress plugin by Yoast. Other SEO plugins exist but this is by far my favourite. If you don’t like it, no problem just find a plugin you are happy with. The theory behind them is the same anyway!

So, download and install your plugin.

Then, check the errors you are getting. Yoast makes this really easy. In my video I show you how to check for errors. Yoast also gives you some great ideas on how to correct them.

But, as I state in my video… You must do your keyword research first. Base your article around what people are searching for to really improve your SEO.

In my video I show you how to do some keyword research but be prepared to put some effort in because keyword research can take a while.

Once you know your keywords it’s time to improve your content! The easiest way to do this is to look at what the competition is doing and make sure your content outshines it!

Get your WordPress ON Page SEO right

The Yoast plugin helps you do just that. I’m not going to go into endless details about ON Page SEO, you will learn that from just using the Yoast plugin. But, the generalities are;

Write a keyword rich title, meta description and URL.

Place your keywords through your article paying attention to the number of times you use them. Not too many but not too few either. The plugin will guide you.

Use related keywords to help broaden your content. This will help you get found for more, related searches.

Link to other pages in your site and externally to higher, more authoritative sites.

Write enough, fantastic content that people want to share and link to it.

Get your WordPress Technical SEO right

Even if you have perfect ON Page WordPress SEO right, if your technical SEO is poor your content still won’t be found. So, what is technical SEO? Read this article about Technical SEO here. In a nutshell, it’s how well Google can crawl and index your site. If Google is struggling to crawl your site then it can’t index it and you won’t appear.

The quickest way to check and improve your Technical SEO is to grab yourself a FREE SEMRush account and do a FREE SEO site audit. All the details are here in this post about how to do your own FREE SEO site audit.

Need help with your SEO?

If you find keyword research hard or time consuming, or if you find you have a lot of errors on your site you can’t fix, then take a look at some of my SEO services to see if I can help you.

I hope this article helped you. Let me know in the comments if it has.




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