What to do if Updraft is not creating backups?

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It is essential to have your WordPress website backed up. I recommend Updraft to my clients because it has an easy to use free plugin. This is perfect 99% of the time but occasionally there may be issues. This blog post will give you a few simple steps to follow if you find that Updraft is not successfully creating your backups.

For Updraft to complete a successful backup it needs;

  1. To be authenticated with your storage drive
  2. To have enough space on the drive
  3. Traffic to your website

First things first, if you are finding that you are having problems with your backups, for whatever reasons, check your backup log for clues.

Check your Updraft back up log

In your Updraft settings go to the Backup / Restore tab. Scroll down until you see ‘Last log message’. It’s not very far down the page. On the far right is a link as shown in the image below. Click this to access your log file. You are looking for errors about running out memory or authentication issues, or anything else that looks like it would cause a problem.

I can’t explain all of the error messages you may see in this blog post, if you don’t understand them best place to look is the Updraft website or see the ‘How to get support’ section at the end of this post.

Check your authentication

The quickest way to do this is to remove the existing authentication and start again. Authentication is a two step process, you must go back and click the link that says “Come back here and click this link’

Check you have enough space on your storage drive

How to check this depends on the storage device you are using but verify it is not full and you have space to save your backups there.


How to get more support?

If this hasn’t solved your problems then there are a few ways to get further support.

FREE support is provided by on the Updraft website. If you have the FREE plugin you can have read only access to the forumĀ https://updraftplus.com/forums/

If you want Updraft to answer a particular question then you need to pay for support by buying their support package or buying their premium Updraft plugin.

I offer a WordPress support package which included installation of the Updraft premium plugin and premium support, contact me if you prefer to have your WordPress site maintained for you. I have several packages available.



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