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Building a website can be a terrible experience. Just ask around. Most people will tell you it’s been hard, it’s taken ages and there has been a lack of support when they needed help. There are many reasons why it’s hard. One of the top reasons is you are just not ready to build your website.

Most people think building a website is going to be very straight forward. Blame the website builder marketing for that! All the major website builders claim their builder is ‘easy to use’ and you can get set up in ‘a few minutes’. It’s no surprise that you then think it’s easy and all you need to do ok is sit at the computer, ready to build a website with only a rough idea in your head of what you want to build.

It’s not until you are faced with decisions like ‘what page should I build next?” and ‘What should I write on that page?’ that you realise you should have thought a bit more about it before you sat down.

For some people the website creation process will happen quickly. Maybe because they have a plan, maybe because they know exactly what they want and it’s all in their head. Whatever, reason, one thing is for sure, the people that find building a website easy are ready to build a website.

After spending a lot of time with clients who want to build their website, I have seen some common signs that show they are ready, or they are not ready to build their website. I have wrote about them below.

7 signs you are ready to build your website

1.You know what you want to sell 

Your website is a sales and marketing tool. If you are not sure of what you want to sell then you should prioritise that over building a website. When you know what you want you want to sell, writing the content for your website is easy.

2. You know who you want to sell to

When you put yourself in the shoes of your ideal buyer / client / visitor, building the site is a lot easier. You can see the site as if you were them and plan it accordingly.

3. You know how to sell your product / service, in-fact, you are now getting bored of repeating the same thing over and over (ad it’s taking a lot of your time up)

If you have never made a sale before then you won’t know what information you need on your website. You can always guess but this will affect how well your website converts traffic to leads and sales.  Once you are having sales conversations and saying the same things to people over and over you will know what information your potential clients need before they buy from you. You will be able to use this information on your website in your service pages and your FAQs to support your sales process.

4. You know what you want your visitors to do

Having website goals and driving your visitor towards the will help you understand why you are building your website in the first place.

5. You know the marketing messages you want to share

Your core message needs to be present through your website content. You know who you want to serve and what makes you unique and the difference you make to your clients life.

6. You know how you want your website to look

You have looked at other websites and you feel inspired. You have made a rough sketch of each page. You know what colours and fonts you want. You have some images, even if they are freebie ones from Pixabay!

7. You know how you will attract visitors to your website

Thinking about your website traffic helps you plan a better website website. If you want to use Facebook ads you know you will need to create specific landing pages. If you want to be found on Google, you know you will need to consider SEO (Search engine optimisation).

3 signs you are not ready to build your website

1.You have never had a customer or sales conversations

It’s just too soon for you to have a website. Wait until you have had at least one sale.

2.You don’t believe websites can be valuable

If you don’t see the value in having a website then there is no point in you having one. It’s best to wait until you can really see the benefit.

3.You have no money to invest in a website

If you really have no money then it’s best that you focus on finding clients for your business quickly. Building a website doesn’t guarantee you clients so it’s better that you learn how to find clients with what you have already.


When you are ready, building a website is a lot easier. More things make sense and you will actually want to finish your website because you know of the value it will bring.

Trying to build a website before you are ready will just leave you frustrated and wondering why you even started.

Wait until you are ready.

You are ready when;

  • You have made some sales and find yourself repeating the same sales sales conversions over and over.
  • You are clear on who you help and how you help them.
  • You have a plan for getting people to your website and converting your visitors into leads.

Next steps

If you are ready to build your website then talk to me about how I can help you build your website. I offer coaching and done for you services.





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