Should you use WordPress for your website?

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I was having a conversation today with a lady who wants a website. She only wants a simple one page website to get her name out there.

So, should she have a WordPress website or not?

I am such a big fan of WordPress that normally my answer is yes. But on this occasion my answer was no.

Here’s why…

If you never intend to develop a full website and only ever have one page, then WordPress is overkill.

If you are not blogging and never intend to, then you don’t need WordPress.

If you aren’t going to add advanced functionality like membership sites and courses then no, you don’t need WordPress.

If being visible on search engines isn’t in your marketing strategy, then you can stay clear of WordPress.

The challenge with WordPress

I don’t want you to use WordPress if you only want a simple one page website because WordPress is so powerful, it takes a little while to learn.

It can feel frustrating at times.

You will have to maintain it. That means updating various bits of software and making sure it’s secure. If you don’t want to do this you can outsource it to someone who looks after websites (like me).

There really is no point in having such an amazing machine at your fingertips if you don’t intend to do anything with it.

It’s like owning a Ferrari but never driving it.

What should you build your website with instead?

I’m so sorry but I can’t answer that. I just use WordPress so I can’t say.

They all have a learning curve, what might be easy for you might be hard for another.

One last thought about WordPress

Before you make the decision that WordPress isn’t for you be really honest with yourself.

In the future, might you want to tackle SEO?

Might you want more than one page?

Might you want to add functionality such as courses or a membership site?

Might you want to add lead generation tactics such as quizzes, pdf downloads, offer free trial for your course etc.

The thing is, if you don’t start off on WordPress and then you want those things, you will eventually realise the platform you have chosen is very limited or it all becomes super expensive.

If you decide to switch to WordPress you will need to start all over again.

Start as you mean to go on

If you think you might need to expand your website at a later date then build it on WordPress now. Start your learning curve now. Don’t waste your time learning other platforms.

Build a simple but expandable website (this is where I can help you with my coaching).

Then build it as your business grows.


Think hard about where you want to build your web presence. WordPress might be overkill for you. But if you have online growth planned for the future then it’s the best platform out there.

Next steps

If you think WordPress is the right platform for you, Talk to me about how I can help you get started on WordPress and then help you grow your website as your website grows.



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