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What is progressive web design?

Progressive web design is a method of designing and building your website in ‘chunks’. Here is a list of ‘chunks’ I have identified that many small business require on the website. They don’t need all the chunks at once, but as their business grows they realise these chunks are very useful for marketing and growth.  The chunks also represent different phases of business growth and needs.

Phase 1: Getting started

There is a lot you don’t know about your business yet but a professional online presence will help you feel more confident when promoting yourself.

1.1. Establish your presence with a business URL and a coming soon page designed to build your email list

1.2. Enhance your presence with a branded 1 page web site.

Phase 2: Developing your message

In this phase you are finding your voice and learning about who you like working with.

1.3. Provide more information about your business with a basic 4 page website.

1.4. Establish yourself as an authority in your field with a blog.

Phase 3: Developing your services and sales & marketing processes

You understand more about who you are, who you serve and how you want to serve them.

1.5. Provide more information about your services with detailed services pages to enhance your sales and marketing process.

Phase 4: Scaling

1.6. Automating lead generation using email marketing and using lead magnets to grow your email list.

1.6. Productising your services and allowing them to be purchased from your website

1.7. Creating multiple landing pages for paid ad campaigns

At each phase you only want to ‘add on’ the extra functionality rather than redesign your website completely.

If your website hasn’t been designed with growth in mind you may find yourself up agains certain limitations with yoru website. Those limitations can cost you in time and money to put right.

What are the benefits of progressive web design?

Progressive web design has many benefits for your business.

You can your get your website live much quicker because you are only focusing on getting one chunk up and running.

You are not trying to create a massive web infrastructure at all once which is less time consuming for you.

Each stage can be planned properly so each stage will help you achieve your specific goals.

In the long run, it will be more cost effective because you won’t need to redesign your website – just enhance it as your business grows.

How is progressive web design different to traditional web design?

Normally, you will plan a website to help you achieve your goals in the next 2-3 years.

It is common practice to want to redesign your website every few years to reflect the changes that have occurred and to help the business reach its growth goals in the next few years.

This constant redesign cycle means your website gets stale, and you have to go through the major process of website planning etc every few years and I’m sure you would agree it’s a costly, time consuming process.

Progressive web design enables you to grow your website at the same time as you grow your business. Making your website far more effective and strengthening your brand (no one likes to see old outdated websites).

Conclusion – Future-proofing is the way forward

In my opinion, making sure you can enhance your website to suit your marketing goals means you are future-proofing it! I appreciate you might not know what marketing you want to do in the future. so before choosing what platform you want to build your website on, consider the progressive build approach.

Do you want to add functionality to your website rather than redesign it each time you want to add something?

If so, then think about the long term vision for your business and what that means for your marketing and website visibility goals.

Will you want to be found on Google?

Will you want to do email marketing?

Will you want to run paid ads?

Will you want to sell products on your website?

If the answer is a firm no and you don’t see your website changing much in the future, then the progressive approach isn’t for you.

But if the answer is maybe, then just keep an open mind as to what that will mean in a year or two – a totally new website or just an update to your current one?

I hope you don’t find yourself on the redesign merry-go-round…









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