Which website platform should you choose for your website?

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What platform should you use to build your website? It’s a very common question.
The answer… I will always say WordPress but then I do have over 9 years of experience of building websites and understand the pros and cons of WordPress and some of the other options out there.
But, in all honesty, the decision needs to be yours.
YOU need to do the research about what is right for your business.
Here are a few tips to help you do your research.
1. Wix, Squarespace and other ‘closed’ platforms have affiliates selling for them, that means there is a lot of hype surrounding them to help affiliates make a sale. Just type in Google ‘Is Squarespace any good’ and you will see a few of the people recommending it are doing so because they are affiliates. So, beware where you are getting your recommendations from.
2. Look for independent reviews – search the website trust pilot and you will find Squarespace and Wix. Whatever platform you are considering get independant reviews from someone who isn’t selling it. That goes for listening to web designers too. They will recommend the platform they work with. So, if you ask me, I will say WordPress. Some designers are not technical and they will recommend the simpler platforms like Squarespace but they don’t fully understand the long term implications.
3. Think long term. Don’t rush into getting your website built without understand your long term business and marketing goals. If you rush, I guarantee you will eventually regret your decision and will feel the need to start all over again. Before you decide on who will build your site, invest in a detailed planning process that focuses on YOUR needs.
I offer an independent website planning service to make sure you make the right choices at the start. Even though I love WordPress, I will only mention it if you have already made that decision. If you are undecided, the best way forward is this:
1. Plan out exactly what you need – with no mention of the platform (use my service to help you)
2. Send your plan to different designers who build websites in the different platforms. So get a quote from a couple of WordPress designers, a couple of Squarespace designers etc..
3. Make your final decision based on the quotes you receive and the responses from your designer.
During the decision phase, you can ask each designer about the pros and cons of their chosen platform so you get a really rounded opinion on what is right for you.
This is where you will discover what platform is right for your business.
Need help with the planning phase? Let’s have a chat!



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