3 reasons why your business needs google analytics

by | Jan 30, 2017 | Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a data collection tool that gathers valuable data about your website visitors such as their behaviour, their location and the pages they visited. With a bit of practise in data analysis, you can then gain valuable insights in to your website users, their behaviour and traffic sources so you can make really clever decisions regarding your online strategy.  The ability to make data driven decisions (and not just going with your gut) means your marketing will be more strategic, be more effective and outperform your competitors who are not using a data driven approach.

Your analytics can identify certain aspects of customer behaviour which will tell you useful information about their needs and whether or not you are meeting those needs. Meeting the needs of your customers is the foundation to a successful business.

Here are 3 ways analytics can show you if you are meeting the needs of your customers and how you can use this data to improve your business. You should be able to do these checks right now providing your account is set up correctly.

1. So you can Identify your most valuable traffic sources.

Your customers expect you to be on social media, are you focusing on the right social media channel?

Social media increases your brand exposure, drives more traffic and gets you more leads.  By finding out which social media channels are driving the most traffic you can identify where your visitors came from so you can eliminate channels that are wasting your time and focus on the channels that bring you traffic, leads and sales.

If you are investing your time and money in social media activities, you want to know which traffic source is bringing you the most valuable traffic. Perhaps you paid for training course on Pinterest, then you spend 2 months posting there. Now lets say you are also posting on Facebook, not as frequently though. You can look at your traffic reports to see which channel is bringing you the most traffic for your time and money spent. What if you identified Facebook as bringing the most traffic but for less time spend than Pinterest. would you stop your Pinterest posting? Would you want to save your precious time and use it where you KNOW you are getting better results?

You need to set up goals for the actions you want visitors to make i.e. download a lead magnet, sign up for newsletter, make a sale or make an enquiry. Once your goals are set up you will be able to tell what traffic channel contributed the most to your goals being met.

2. So you can provide a more engaging online experience

The more engaging your visitors are the more time they will spend on your site and the more chance you will have at converting them into a lead or customer. You should be loking for what content on your website is catching your markets attention. You can use that to create more engaging content. Also you should check out what your worst performing content is and look for ways to improve it.  Your analytics also provides a way for you to look at how visitors move around your content and se what they are engaging with. This will give you an idea if they are finding what they are looking for and engaging with the content.

3. So you can quickly identify problems on your site that could be affecting your lead generation and sales.

Your bounce rate is a measure of how many people only visited one page of your website. It is important to keep an eye on this metric because if it is too high it can indicate a poorly engaging website or a website with performance issues e.g the page doesn’t load. Improving your bounce rate means people will engage with your website more and hopefully go on to become a lead or customer.

You analytics also show you the page load times. You can see at a glance which pages are your slowest so you can take action on them before people stop visiting your website because of it’s poor performance.

To summarise. The three reasons your business needs Google Analytics are:

  1. So you can Identify your most valuable traffic sources.
  2. So you can provide a more engaging online experience.
  3. So you can quickly identify problems on your site that could be affecting your lead generation and sales.

Google analytics is a free tool and only takes a moment to connect it to your website but the problem is people open their free Google analytcis account and never configure it. The problem is then when they look at their data it’s hard to make sense of it because it’s not configured.

To configure it up you need to ;

  • Create two new views, a test view and a master view
  • Create a filter to filter out spam
  • Create a filter to filter out your own visits
  • Set up goals so you are measuring something specific
  • Set up a few other parameters

I have created a 9 part video training that takes no longer than 30 minutes that shows you how to do these basic set up tasks.

Every account I look at is not set up right. I want to help you overcome any fears by offering a simple step by step training to get you off to the right start. I feel really passionate about helping you succeed in business and well, it’s going to be near impossible to succeed online if you are not monitoring your online activities.

This training assumes you have opened a Google Analytics account. If you haven’t, read this blog post here first about creating your Google Analytics account.

You can access the training here


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