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How to deal with spam comments on your WordPress blog

Many clients who come to me for a WordPress spring clean have got Askimet installed in their plugins. That’s no surprise considering the Askimet plugin comes as standard (but it is not activated) with every new WordPress installation. You may be forgiven for thinking it’s the best tool for stopping spam but I have a…

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Common WordPress objections

I hear lots of objection about using WordPress. In this post I will address them to give you a balanced view of this amazing website platform 1.WordPress is complicated to use Yes it has a learning curve, but so do all the other website platforms. There is a lot of free support available for WordPress….

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Wix & Squarespace resources

I can’t stress how much these two website builders are NOT the easy option for building your website. Dont just take one or two peoples positive experience as an indication of the suitability of these platforms. Look at these independent reviews. I have just put links to the reviews so you can decide for yourself. Also,…

Requirements to add to your website brief to ensure a high quality build
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Requirements to add to your website brief to ensure a high quality build

Not all WordPress websites are created equal. Some web designers may be good at design but technically, they can be very poor. This leaves you will a vulnerable website that is buggy and hard to maintain. Unfortunately, it is these designers that can give WordPress a bad name. I know, I regularly fix WordPress problems…

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How I simplified a complicated WordPress website build

Problem: An slow & overly complicated WordPress website build was causing overwhelm and confusion A client came to me recently wanting to speed up and simplify her website. She was feeling very overwhelmed when she logged into her website, she saw lots of update notifications and lots of plugins. Step 1: Plugin spring clean &…

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A guide to WordPress spam and how to avoid it

Spam originating from your WordPress website can come from two places. Comment spam and form submissions. Unfortunately there is no one magic bullet to stop all spam. My advice, is to take basic precautions but also to not worry about it too much until you have to. Comment spam What is comment spam? Comment spam…

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How to manually set up an SSL certificate for a WordPress website

What is an SSL certificate? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. An SSL certificate is a small data files that creates an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. The certificate uses two keys to encrypt data – a public one and a private one, making the data more secure as it passes…

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All you need to know about WordPress plugins (for business owners)

What is a WordPress plugin? WordPress is a very flexible platform for building a website. The ‘out of the box’ set up has very limited functionality but it is easy to get the functionality you need by adding ‘plugins’ (add-on software programs). My list of essential plugins To give you an example of the sort…

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12 website checks to assess the quality of your WordPress website

What is a high quality WordPress website? Quality can be subjective and hard to define, but it doesn’t have to be if you have a set of guidelines. I guess all website designers like to pride themselves on the quality of their web design skills, but unfortunately, being good at design doesn’t mean they are…

SEO checks to see if your WordPress website has been search engine optimised
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SEO checks to see if your WordPress website has been search engine optimised

What is a Search Engine Optimised WordPress website? Web designers sell ‘Search Engine Optimised’ WordPress websites but some don’t actually don’t do anything SEO related to your site except install an SEO plugin and leave the real search engine optimisation up to you. Let’s call them cowboys. They might also be women, so for the…