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Common WordPress objections

I hear lots of objection about using WordPress.

In this post I will address them to give you a balanced view of this amazing website platform

1.WordPress is complicated to use

Yes it has a learning curve, but so do all the other website platforms. There is a lot of free support available for WordPress. There is a huge community. WordPress has its own forum and there are lots of free Facebook groups that can help you. The reason people may say it’s complicated is because:

  1. Some web designers (who don’t know what they are doing) are guilty of over complicating WordPress websites by adding too many plugins. This leaves the unsuspecting business owner feeling a bit overwhelmed when it comes to updating their WordPress. I can build perfectly suitable business websites with zero plugins! You just have to know how!
  2. Website DIY-ers had no support. If you are DIY-ing any website you need to really your consider your technical ability. If you struggle with WordPress it may be that you just need a bit of help to get going (I’ve helped lots of people get started on their DIY journey). A bit of support at the right time can go a long way.
  3. The wrong choice of theme. The theme is everything! Choose badly at the start and you could ruin everything! Many people choose a free, but really limited theme that causes them no end of problems when they realise they have to add 20 plugins to get what they want.

Conclusion: Website can be easy to build and use with a little bit of support and the right choice of theme.

2.WordPress is hard to maintain

Yes, you do have to maintain the code – it’s open source and free after all. But, it only gets hard if you have a ton of plugins. The more plugins you have them more risk there is of something going wrong when you perform an update. So, the right choice of theme can really ease the maintenance needed. Website maintenance shouldn’t be the reason for not choosing WordPress, you can also outsource the maintenance to someone like me. I have been maintaining websites for 9 years!

Conclusion: Plan your website well and limit the number of plugins and maintenance will be a breeze.

3.WordPress gets hacked easily

It only gets hacked if :

  1. You have chosen a really cheap host who doesn’t prioritise security
  2. Your password security is poor – you really do need to choose well!
  3. You haven’t kept your site updated
  4. You use plugins and themes from dodgy sources

Conclusion: You can improve the security of your website by choosing a reputable host, using strong passwords and doing regular maintenance. You can even add a plugin that will tighten security further.

4.It’s bloated and slow

This is untrue. When a website is slow, it’s because of large images or really poor hosting. All things can be optimised to get speeds of just a few seconds. Speed optimisation is one of my services and getting speeds less than 2 seconds is achievable.

5. You need to know how to code to build a site

No you don’t. You don’t have to touch one line of code if you don’t want to. The good thing about WordPress is you DO have access to the code so if you can code or know a coder, you can customise it to your hearts content. Something you can’t do on closed platforms.


What’s so good about WordPress?

Easy to use – with the right support anyone can build a website

Flexible – There are many many plugins available to customise WordPress and if there isn’t one available you can also get one built! This is because the code is open source and there is a big community of coders making businesses out of creating plugins for it.

Lots of support – You don’t need to rely of a help desk offering crap support. There is a huge community of supportive people who want you to succeed with WordPress.

SEO is easy – the plugins available help you to do some tasks that are extremely difficult on closed platforms.

Is there anything negative to be aware of?

Security can be an issue but as already mentioned there are steps you can take to minimise your security risk.

It can get become hard to manage if you go crazy with the plugins.

I’d say for small e-commerce shops. it’s ok but if you have a large shop with thousands of products and variations you may have performance issues.

It’s perfect for small business websites 🙂


In a nutshell, if your are building it yourself stay on top of maintenance and keep it simple. Have a trusted professional you can turn to if you need help!

If you want me to be your trusted professional – let’s chat!


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