Configuring Divi – essential settings

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Divi, Build & Maintain, Websites

There are so many settings for the WordPress theme Divi.

This blog post will just explain what the essential settings are so you can get ready to build your website ASAP.

Divi theme options

From the WordPress dashboard go to Divi -> Divi theme options.

Here, I want you to do the following;

  1. Upload your logo
  2. Add your hex values to the colour palette
  3. Disable any social media channels you are not using
  4. Add the links to the social media channels you are using. If you don’t see your channel, check out the Divi Boost settings below.
  5. Click on ‘Save changes’ at the bottom of the page.


Divi theme customiser settings

From the WordPress dashboard go to Divi -> Theme customiser

Update the following settings;

General settings

  1. Site identity -> Upload your faviconn if you have one.
  2. Layout -> Set your theme accent colour
  3. Typography
    1. Set your font
    2. Set the text size (you may need to tweak this once you have added text later)
    3. Set your body link colour (set this to your accent colour)

Header & Navigation

  1. Header format -> Choose your header style. Logo on left / middle etc
  2. Primary menu bar
    1. Adjust the height of your header using ‘menu height’
    2. Adjust the height of your logo using ‘logo max height’
    3. Set the font type and font size
    4. Set the active link colour and menu dropdown line colour to your accent colour
  3. Secondary menu. If you want a secondary menu (menu at the very top of your website) then here are the styling settings for it.
    1. Change the font
    2. Change the background colour to your accent colour
  4. Fixed menu. This is the menu that is fixed tot he top of the page when the user scrolls.
    1. Make sure all the colours match the primary menu.
  5. Header elements. These elements are what are shown in the secondary menu (at the very top, except for search function)
    1. Select social icons and search if you want them shown.
    2. Add your phone number
    3. Add your email


  1. Layout. Change the footer background colour to your main colour.
  2. Footer elements. Select social icons if you want to display social icons in the footer.
  3. Footer menu. Change ‘footer menu text colour’ and ‘footer menu active link colour’ to white.
  4. Bottom bar.
    1. Change social icon colour to white.
    2. Edit the footer credits to say ‘¬© Copyright 2019 Your business name. All Rights Reserved.’

Don’t forget to click on the ‘Publish’ button at the top of the settings panel when you want to save your settings.




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