Contact forms not the best lead generating tactic
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Are contact forms killing your business?

Are contact forms killing your business?

The goal of this article is to help you understand why contact forms are not the best way to get leads from your website.

Eggs in one basket?

If you have a brochure site, all of your lead generation tactics are in one basket. In other words, you are relying only one method of lead generation – your contact form.  It’s very old fashioned and isn’t as effective as it once was. Did you know 98% of website visitors leave without taking any action on a website. If you are putting effort into driving traffic to your website and only 2% are taking action on their first visit, that’s a lot of wasted opportunity. Let’s not mention all the time, energy and money that goes into driving those visitors to your website.

Why are a whopping 98% of visitors leaving?

Because “People don’t buy first time”.  They need time to get to know like and trust you first. How many new customers do you get from just one meeting or one phone call? If you have the sort of business that needs at least two interactions then keep reading. For the businesses that think they need just one interaction think about asking your customer what they did prior to contacting you. Did they ask someone about you? See a review? See your website? Very very rarely will only one interaction seal the deal. It is important to get a realistic view on this as it can severely affect the success of your website.   This article by the OMI explains why it takes between 6 and 13 touch points (interactions with your business) before someone is sales ready.

Just looking, not buying

Another reason people are leaving your site without buying is because they are just looking. Only a very small percent of visitors are sales ready. Most people are either researching their problem, or comparing solutions. Your website should fulfil visitors needs whether they are ready to buy or not. Then your website will be a really valuable tool for your visitors and they are more likely to keep coming back.

It will take several interaction before your visitors will want to contact you. Think about how your website and online presence can play a part in those interactions.

Gain a competitive edge

Now you know that, you are already(mentally) ahead of a lot of other businesses out there. Look at your competitors website. It is pro-active in capturing leads? Is it doing anything to interact with you? Capture your email address? Online chat? Or does it only have a phone number and contact form? If you rely only on your contact form as a method of lead generation you are seriously going to affect the health of your business. To stay competitive you need to stay ahead of your competition, not behind! You need to be exploring lead capture, what methods are available, what do your customers respond to, what works, what doesn’t. If being ahead of your competition is important to you, modify your website to capture leads more efficiently. At Weider Web Solutions we design websites to capture leads, and nurture them until they are sales ready. Read our discovery process to find out what we do to make sure your website captures leads for your business.

Key takeaways

  • People buy from people or brands they know, like and trust.
  • People won’t know, like or trust you on their first visit to your website.
  • People are visiting your website to look for a solution to a problem.
  • Help your visitors by provide something valuable in exchange for their email.
  • Now you are able to nurture them, give more value, become likeable, show you are knowledgeable and trustworthy.
  • Eventually your lead will be ready to buy from you.

A Weider Web Solutions Website will help you capture leads on your website and won’t rely only on contact forms.

To read through the post series “Weider Web Solutions – about our websites” please use the links below.

Action steps

Here are two simple checks you can do today if you have google analytics installed. If you don’t have google analytics installed on your website I highly recommend it. Set it up and monitor your website for a few weeks then carry out this check.

  1. Does your website have only a contact form and your phone number to allow people to interact with your business?
  2. How many visitors does your website get and how many visitors use your contact form?

Think about your results. Does your contact form work well for you? Or is it time to think about other ways of lead generation? How can you increase the number of interactions people have with you?

If you apply for a free website review we will be able to advise you of other lead generation tactics that might suit your market.

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