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Why Data Analysis Is Essential For Your Business

Why Data Analysis Is Essential For Your Business

There is no hiding from the fact that this is the age of digital.

Businesses big and small are turning to digital marketing as a way to get their business noticed, to find clients, customers and make money.


One reason is that digital is measurable. Therefore you can attribute ROI (Return on investment) to any channel you are using.

For example. Are you spending money on Facebook ads or Google PPC ads? You can track the performance of those ads to see if they are making you money.

Are you spending time blogging or writing social media posts? You can track the traffic that they bring and even monitor if they are responsible for sales.

It wasn’t always like that.

Let’s think back a few years to when paid marketing consisted of;

  • Putting an ad in the local newspaper.
  • Printing a few leaflets.
  • Putting an advert on the radio.

How did you know which channel was worth the money you were spending?

How could you measure the effectiveness of each channel?

How did you decide where to put your marketing budget?


You didn’t know.

You could guess but you wouldn’t know for sure.

And that is why digital is so AMAZING!

Because you know for sure.

You can track all your marketing efforts and identify the channels that are performing well, and those that could do better.

You can then use that information to plan your marketing, plan your budget and plan your success!

For example. You write a blog post, did it attract traffic like you hoped? Did that traffic lead to an enquiry or sale. Imagine if the answer was NO! You got traffic but no sales. What would you do differently next time? Or would you churn out something similar – and then get similar results…



Would you  question your blog post… why didn’t it encourage sales?… Would you try to improve what you did in the hope of getting better results?

YES! That’s the BIG . HUGE . BENEFIT to using digital marketing.

You can MEASURE.

You can IMPROVE.

If you don’t measure, you can’t improve. How would you know what to improve if you don’t have baselines?

You DO want to improve your marketing and your business don’t you?

Then you MUST start with measuring.

Where ever you are investing in your business – you must measure its effect. Be it money or time.

If you were saving money in a bank wouldn’t you check it from time to time to see if your investment was performing well?

Of course you would.

Well, you have invested in your website. Whether that is in design or time spent adding content.

You need to know if that time is well spent.


So you can identify if you are doing something wrong – you can stop and change direction.


You can identify if you are doing something right – you can do more of it.

Either way; it’s best to know. No excuses.

You are a business.

You need to grow.

You need to be competitive.

You need to know WHAT IS GOING ON.

It’s the age of digital, you have this knowledge at your fingertips.

Albert Einstein said “Never Underestimate Your Own Ignorance”.

When there is so much data at your fingertips you are committing slow business suicide by ignoring it.

So, get on top of your data.

Not sure where to start? That’s normal, and that’s why I am here. To guide you into understanding your data.

Let’s start with Google Analytics. Read this post about Google Analytics




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