Why you need hotjar

Heatmapping with Hotjar

Google Analytics tool is an excellent tool for collecting quantitative data, the ‘What?’ But that data is more powerful when combined with the ‘Why?’

For example, my job is to increase sales on an e-commerce website. Using Google Analytics I can see ‘What’ is happening. e.g. only 20% of people who started to checkout actually finished. But an an e-commerce optimiser, I now need to find out ‘Why’.

This is the qualitative research part of my job.

I do this by using a tool called Hotjar. This allows me to do the following;

Look at heat maps of how users are moving around on a particular page. I can see where they click and where they scroll to. This gives me lots of insight into where people might be experiencing problems and friction. For example, if you have a long sales page that isn’t interesting, your visitor will leave this page quickly. This will be identified by a shallow scroll depth, i.e. the majority of users only scrolling to 25%. If your call to action is at the bottom of the page, you can tell if people are seeing it or not.

Create user surveys and polls. Getting feedback from website users as they use your site from polls and surveys is valuable for learning about what might be stopping people from taking action, or finding out what they thought about your site.

View user recording of the session. Actually watching what your users did on your website is an opportunity to really get inside their head as they use your site.

Analyse forms. You can get statistics about the fields in your forms and find out which fields might be causing friction and stopping your visitor from filling out the form.

View your funnel performance. You can set up your funnel pages and get statistics about it such as which page has the biggest drop off.

For me, I couldn’t do my job with out it.

If you want to understand what might be stopping your website visitors becoming customers then Hotjar is one tool you shouldn’t miss out on.

There is a free version that has limitations but it’s good enough to get you started.

If you want help implementing Hotjar and analysing your data please get in touch with me today.

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