Hierarchy Of Web Needs

Hierarchy Of Web Needs

The goal of this article is to explain the importance of building your website in tiers of ‘needs’ and only moving onto the next tier when that tiers needs are fulfilled.

Are you familiar with Maslows hierarchy of needs?

If not, you can read about it here.
It describes human needs in terms of a pyramid, with the most basic needs at the bottom. We don’t progress to the next level until our needs are met at the current level.

The same can be said for your website. There are several levels of needs. It is pointless fulfilling the higher levels if the lower levels still need attention. However, some people don’t understand that and focus on attracting people to their site even though the lower level needs are incomplete.

Here is a diagram of the hierarchy of web needs.

Weider Web Hierarchy Of Web Needs

The pyramid shows the features of a low cost, low value website compared to a higher cost, higher value website.

As you move up through each level of the pyramid;

  • More skill is needed to fulfill each level
  • The website gives a higher Return On Investment
  • Your website needs more investment

For DIY website enthusiasts their website will rarely fulfill the functional and reliable levels. Hiring a graphic designer might fulfill the user experience and the good design needs. More importantly your website needs to fulfill your business goals, and attract visitors.

There is no point your website looking cool if no one sees it. Equally there is no point having a good looking website, that people see if it is not helping to fulfill your business goals.

An example that is commonly seen is businesses who drive traffic to their website (a higher level activity) through blogging, social media or paid adverts, but the website isn’t set up correctly to make the most of the traffic. i.e. There has been no thought into how to make the most of the traffic that comes to the website. The bottom line is there is no lead capture / lead generation strategy.

The result is a lot of wasted time on social media getting people to a website, when people arrive at the site they don’t take action and their visit is wasted because the website is not designed for lead capture.  Another common example is people who are too focused on how the website looks that they don’t stop to measure the loading speed or whether there are any errors.

Building your website in terms of this pyramid of web needs is one way to keep focused on your website priorities and not get too ahead of yourself. Only progress to the next level once the current level is complete. Just like Maslow said!

Your web needs change with your business needs

When you start out in business your web needs might be different to people who have been in business for a while. What is clear is your web needs will grow with your business.
We have identified three business stages and the web needs you might have each stage.

Level 1: You have little or no web presence, you may be a start up business or you have a very old website.

You need;

  • A mobile responsive website.
  • A website styled in a way it reflects your brand colours.
  • Website content that reflects your brand values and your unique selling points.
  • Website content that delivers value to your visitors and that is focused on their needs.
  • A website that is fast, safe and secure.
  • A website that is being measured for future analysis.
  • On page SEO to make website search engine friendly.

To fulfill this level, we can offer you a simple, 5 page website that is functional and reliable and reflects your business. This is probably enough for the first 12 – 24 months of your business after that you would want to progress to stage 2. You would need to complete workshop 1 and 2 from the discovery process.

The end result: You will own a professional looking website that reflects your brand. Using the continuous care package you will be able to grow your website as your business grows. You won’t face a disruptive website redesign.
You will be able to have regular strategy sessions where you can access guidance and support for all digital matters.

Level 2: You are preparing to grow your business and you need to automate and scale your lead generation.

You need;

  • A lead generation and nurture strategy.
  • A website that reflects your sales and marketing funnel.

To fulfill this level we can offer you a website designed in a way that reflects your sales and marketing funnel. You need funnel content that focuses on your customers needs and their buying cycle and habits. You would need to complete all the stages of the discovery process. Here you will be introduced to email marketing and blogging for business.

Level 3: You are ready and have the budget to grow your business.

You need a traffic generation strategy, (or a digital marketing strategy). Only once your website is ‘traffic ready’ should you consider driving traffic to it. The way you drive traffic will depend on your needs and your market. You might be doing a great job by yourself or you may need our help.

The end result will be leads coming into your business, your website will be a go to source of information and you will be able to establish yourself as a a thought leader. You will find it easy to start and maintain relationships with leads that you can nurture and eventually turn them into clients.

Level 4:  Your business is growing but you want to increase the Return On your Investment and dominate your market.

You need to keep your website performing. Only once your website is set up as a sales and marketing funnel and it is receiving visitors can we optimise it for performance. Monitoring and optimising will give you a higher return on your investment than if you do nothing.

The end result will be even more leads and clients and you will be able to blow your competitors out of the water!

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Action Steps

What level is your business at? Are you just starting on your digital journey or are you ready for growth? What type of website do you need? Level 1, 2, 3 or 4? Apply for a free website review and we will help you decide the level of website that you need.

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