How can you tell what your website visitors really think
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How can you find out what your website visitors really think?

When no one is taking action on your website, what do you do?

When you are not getting leads…. when you are not getting sales….

Who do you turn to?

Do you turn to a website designer to create a new website? It must be bad design after all. If you just had a shiny new website all your problems will be solved! Er.. no. Getting leads and sales needs more than good design. But this is the option that most people go for.

Why don’t you WORK OUT WHAT your website visitors are doing on your website so you can WORK OUT WHY the website isn’t generating sales or leads?  Then use that as the basis for gradual, data driven changes rather than drastic change.

Drastic change is disruptive to your business, costly and not guaranteed to improve your business.

Implementing gradual, data driven changes allows you to be strategic. You can assess the impact and use those assessments to drive further changes and improvements. This method ensures improvement because you are continually improving and continually learning about your customers.

So how do you WORK OUT WHAT your website visitors are doing?

You install analytics programs to gather data about their behaviour on your site. The two I recommend are Google analytics and Hotjar.

Google Analytics tells you WHERE the problem is and Hotjar gives you insights into the WHY.

They both have FREE versions so you can try them out with no cost to you. The hardest part is making sure you are gathering trustworthy data and that you learn how to interpret the data.

If this is a weak area for you consider hiring some help. It will be one of the highest ROI activities you can do.

If you are struggling to get leads and sales on your website, get in touch with me today to find out how I can help you work out WHERE the problems lie, WHY they are happening and WHAT you can do about.


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