How do I build a sales and marketing funnel?

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How do I build a sales and marketing funnel?

Once you realise how much freedom a funnel can bring to your business and life, next you need to learn how to build one.

In this post I am only able to tell you the building blocks you need. To tell you how to build a funnel would take a lot more than I can cover in one blog post. At the end of this post I will give you links to some of the best training on the internet if you are interested to learn more about how to do it yourself.

There are 3 main ingredients in the perfect funnel. Strategy, tools and content. The strategy is your blueprint, your overall design that will help you reach your goals. The content is what your funnel is built from. The tools are what you use to do the building. Think of it like building a house. The design for your house comes from the architect who creates a plan. The building itself is constructed by builders who have skills in specific areas, such as joinery and plastering. The builders all have tools to help them do their job.

With your funnel, the architect is the funnel strategists. The builders are content writers, designers, developers etc. The tools are your website, email marketing etc. They are all needed to build your funnel. You can do it yourself or get a professional to do it. Just like building a house. I will discuss content in another blog post series at a later date but for now, I will just discuss funnel strategy and tools.

Funnel Strategy

To create your strategy you need clarity in many areas before you start.

Clarity around your goals.
The type of funnel you design will depend on the type of goals you have. Your goals should be focused around getting more leads, getting more customers or increasing your profits by selling more to your customers. See – this post for help on deciding which funnel is right for you.

Clarity around you ideal customer.
You need a thorough understanding about what problems your customer has and how you can help them. You need to be aware of your customers sales / buying cycle, in relation to how they will purchase your product. What steps they go through and what information they need to know before purchasing. You also need to know their objections and their questions relating to your product.

Clarity about what you are selling.
What are you selling?
What is the demand for your product?
How well it will it sell in the market?
What is your your pricing strategy?

Clarity around your business.
You need a clear understanding of why you are unique and why people should buy from you and not your competitor.
You need to be able to clearly communicate the transformation and value you bring to your customers.
You need to be clear on how much you are prepared to spend to bring new customers in to your business.

When you are clear on all of those areas you are ready to design your funnel according to your business goals and your customers needs.

As you plan your funnel you will need to ask yourself the following questions.

How am I going to get people to my funnel?
How will I raise awareness of my products or services?

What steps do people need to take before they purchase from me?
How will I get people to know, like and trust me?
How can I build the relationship with my lead?
How will I convince them my product or service is the best?
How will I convince them to become a customer?
What offers will I make in my funnel?
What pages do I need in my funnel?
What emails will I use in my funnel?
When will I use re-targeting?
What content will I use?

Because every business is different its hard to give a one size fits all strategy. Each step really depends on your offer, your brand, your business needs and your market needs.

With time and dedication, you can learn how to create a funnel strategy.

The training courses I have used myself are here;

There is a lot of funnel training in Russel Brunsons Funnel University – you can join for free to have a look around.

Or there is Digital Marketer,¬†Ryan Deiss Funnel certification, no free trial here but if you have the time and money it’s well worth the investment.

I have taken several certifications from Digital Marketer, plus I am a member of Funnel University and I have taken some advanced funnel training only available to Click funnels members.

So if you don’t want to learn about funnel strategy, I can help you out. I can take through clarity exercises to help you get clear before you start to plan your funnel. Then I can plan your funnel for you and then either implement it for you or coach you through the implementation.

Contact me for further details.

Funnel Tools

This takes us nicely to the discussion about tools. There are several ways to build your funnel. I have personally tried three.

Thrive Themes – landing pages. This is for you if you want one off landing pages and don’t really want to implement a full funnel. The problem with this is it’s hard to integrate with a payment system. It’s not impossible, but it does take a lot of effort. Also the reporting is no where near as good as the reporting you get in ClickFunnels. This becomes more important if you implement a full funnel rather than just a single landing page.

Lead Pages. I found the landing pages hard to modify. And similar to Thrive, the reporting wasn’t as good as ClickFunnels. It doesn’t come with AB testing as standard, you need to pay more for it, which gives out the impression AB tests are optional when in my opinion they are essential for maximising conversions. For me Lead Pages is in the same league as Thrive. Its good for one off landing pages but if you are serious about a full funnel then there is a better product.

Click Funnels. Once I found this product I closed my other accounts and I have never looked back. The templates are easy to modify. You can have a full funnel is a really short amount of time. You can AB test. You can sell and take payments. The bonus for me was the membership area that you can sell access too. All this included in the $97 first tier price. It’s well worth a look. You can grab a free 14 day trial here.¬†(Affiliate link)

If you grab the trial I have some funnels already set up I can share with you. I have a webinar + evergreen webinar funnel, a high ticket sales funnel and a membership funnel, including a demo of a membership site so you can see how easy it is to set up a membership site in Click Funnels.

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Feeling stuck and want help on creating a unique funnel for your business?


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