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How long do visitors stay on your website?

Do you agonise over what should go on your website? Do you worry it doesn’t look good enough or it’s not engaging enough?   Do you think your graphics are not fancy enough? Or your website just doesn’t look professional enough?

Do you wish it was just ‘better’?

Well, you are not alone. I don’t know many business owners who are happy with their website. I talk all the time to people about their websites and the only people I hear who are happy are those who have just had it redesigned and they are still in the honeymoon period.

It doesn’t take long before people realise it’s actually still not doing much for business.

And that’s where the doubt comes in. Maybe it should be fancier… more colourful… more bells… more whistles… more … more… more…

Well actually, what your visitors want is less.

As a website transformation consultant, I am in the privileged position of having access to many Google Analytics accounts and what I see, is visitors want less. They only have a minute or two to spare, they want the info they came for and then they want to be gone.

Bells and whistles only get in their way. Bells and whistles distract them from your core message (if you have one).

Look at the data below. I went into 10 analytics accounts and took the pages per session count and the avg session duration.

how long do people spend on your website

The average pages per session was 2.21 pages.

The average session duration was 1 minute and 18 seconds.

What I want to show here is that visitors don’t want to hang around on your website, they have better things to do.

So worry less about the bells and whistles and worry more about the message you want to get across and whether you are turning those short visits into leads.


  1. Develop a detailed ideal customer avatar so you know who you are targeting and why they are coming to your website.
  2. Make your USP clear so you quickly stand out and your visitors can easily see how you help, why they should care and why you are their only choice.
  3. Use lead magnets to quickly turn visitors into leads.

Not a whistle or bell in sight!

If you want to discuss how I can help you transform your website into something valuable, visible, and generates leads for your business, book a free call with me here! 

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