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How SEO coaching increased my clients exposure and traffic

I recently coached a client for 4 weeks on SEO.

I started with an in-depth SEO audit, after which I gave my client an SEO plan. Then I gave him 4 weeks of unlimited email help while he implemented the changes to improve his SEO.

It was challenging. You need to be happy to tackle some technical things but he had a great attitude and was able to complete most of the tasks. There were a few tasks that he couldn’t do so I stepped in and done them for him.

I compared the 6 weeks before we started working together and the 6 weeks after and as you can see from the results there was a slight increase in clicks to the website for his most important keywords.

He still has a bit of work to do to increase those clicks by improving the meta descriptions but overall his traffic has increase. Now, he just needs to convert that traffic to leads and sales, but thats another story 🙂

I’m really pleased with this early indication and I look forward to checking back in a few months to see if there has been further improvement.

increased clicks to site after seo coaching


If you want to learn SEO and want a tailored SEO plan with email support then please send me an email and I’ll explain how my coaching works.

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