increase search traffic using one off seo techncial fixes
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How technical SEO improvements doubled my clients traffic

I worked on a websites technical and on page SEO a while ago.

The client was blogging regularly and wanted to increase their blog traffic without increasing the amount of blogging they were doing and without spending more money on paid adverts.

I carried out an in-depth SEO audit. The audit covered on page SEO, technical SEO and some off page SEO like backlink profiling.

Once the audit was complete I was able to identify the areas that needed improving.

First, I needed to get the technical SEO sorted out.

I focused on fixing a few key things on the website;

Site loading speed was the first issue I addressed. This involved installing a caching plugin and deferring loading of certain CSS and JS scripts. The images  on the site were slowing the load speed down, so they had to be optimised.

Next, I wanted to address the quality of the pages that Google had indexed. There were many very low quality pages. Low quality pages are pages that have been flagged as duplicate or low word count. I could also see there were many pages that has zero value to someone searching in Google. An example of these pages are individual testimonial pages when the testimonials are already being embedded on the website. Or, image files that are used on the website that a website visitor doesn’t need to see. Or calendar pages for booking systems. There are many files that your website might be creating. If you let Google crawl and index everything then it may class your website as a low quality site if it sees a large proportion of low quality pages. My clients site had a lot of these pages.

I took steps to remove them from the search results. I removed over 30% of the pages.

Finally, after checking the backlink profile, I found there were a lot of low quality links. I disavowed these links. It’s important to check your backlink profile regularly because you never really know who is linking to you and a poor quality link profile can affect your rankings.

Once I had done these things I noticed an increase in traffic.  In May the new users had increased by 101.87%, thats more than double the number of new users coming to the site every month.

increase search traffic using one off seo techncial fixes

Do you want the same result for your business? Then let me carry out an SEO audit for you. Let’s see if I can increase your traffic with these one off tasks.

Email me to find out more about my audit process.

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