I recommend SiteGround to all my clients for many reasons.

But recently they changed the website control panel. Unfortunately, some of their tutorials have not been updated.

This post explains how to set up and view your emails if you have a SiteGround account.

Go to your website tools panel

Log into SiteGround then find your tools panel.

To find your tools panel, once you have logged in find the tab at the top of the page that says ‘Websites’.

Log into SiteGround and find the websites tab

Click on this. You will then see your website or websites in a list. To the right of the website name will be two options. Site tools and WordPress kit. Click on ‘Site Tools’.

Find the tools panel in siteground

You know when you are in the tools panel because the left hand side and the top of the screen will be dark grey.

inside the siteground tools panel

Go to the email settings

Look down the left hand side of the tools panel, you will see ‘Email’. At the time of writing this is is the 6th option below ‘Dashboard’.

Clicking on the word ‘Email’ will open up further options below the word ‘Email’.

Click on ‘Accounts’.

email account settings in siteground tools panels

You are now ready to create a new email account in SiteGround.

Create a new email account in SiteGround

Look for where it says ‘Create New Email Account’.

Add a new email address in siteground

Add the email address and choose a password.

Click on create.

Your email address has now been created.

Accessing your SiteGround email from within SiteGround

You can access your email from within the SiteGround tools panel.

Find the email account you want to access.

Click on the 3 dots on the right hand site.

Click on ‘Log in to webmail’.

accessing siteground email from siteground tools panel

Accessing your webmail from any browser

To access your webmail without logging into SiteGround you need to type a special URL in your browser.

To create this URL you need to find your web server name.

To do this you need to log into SiteGround but you will only need to do this once as long as you bookmark the URL you are about to create.

When you are logged into SiteGround, go to the website tools panel. (See how to do that above).

When you are in the tools panel, look for the section that says ‘Site information’, it is below ‘Pinned tools’.

Finding site nameserver settings in SiteGround tools panel

Use the nameserver address without the ns1 or ns2 and put ‘/webmail’ at the end. In this case the URL to access the webmail will be https://uk1006.siteground.eu/webmail

Log in with your email address and the password you created when you set up the account.

Using webmail with Gmail

You may want to use a tool like Gmail to read your emails instead of using webmail.

SiteGround have some good instructions on how to that here. >> Configuring Gmail to work with webmail


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