How to create intrigue with your copy

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Content

Your content is what will sell you, your programs and your services. If your content is boring, your readers won’t get past the first few lines.

You don’t need to have a masters qualification at content writing to get people to read. You can get a good read through rate by using this one trick.

So, what is that trick?

I will tell you in a moment but first let me ask you this.

Do you realise how important it is for your conversion rate to get people to read to the end of your content?

When you want people to take an action after reading your content, you will have elements of your page that you really want people to read. For example, you might have testimonials. You might have a section on benefits. You might have a great case study that shows you off perfectly. How will your readers know all this if they never get that far down your page?

So how do you keep them intrigued?  Are you itching to know the one trick that will get people reading through to the end of your page?

It is to open a curiosity loop.

This is simple to do. Ask a question at the start, get your reader thinking about something but you don’t reveal the answer until further down in your copy, when you close the loop. You can open another curiosity look just before you close the first loop, as so on until you have pulled your reader all the way through your copy.

Opening a loop is a way to take advantage of the fact that our brains are naturally curious and we will try to find solutions  to problems. We have all experienced the feeling when we have a problem and keep thinking about it until we find the solution. Its the same thing here. We want to close loops and get closure.

However, open to many loops and you will confuse your reader.

Where does this work well? On lead magnet landing pages. The loop is opened in the headline of the landing page and closed inside the lead magnet.

On free discovery / strategy calls. The loop is opened when a problem is introduced. The reader can close the loop by getting on a call.

In newsletters to promote webinars. The newsletter email can open the loop. You can tell them about how your webinar can help them solve xx. You don’t say any more than that. Their loop is open, they will look to close it. They will look for the next about about how they can attend your webinar.

This is one thing I look for when I audit sales funnels. Has a curiosity loop been used to encourage people to move deeper into the funnel?

Take action

Take a look at your own funnel? Are you using a curiosity loop? Can you identify where you could use one to help your conversions?


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