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How to get more reviews on Google

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People buy from recommendations and review, it’s a fact.

Every business is good at telling you why you should buy from them but how can we really trust what they are saying? We can’t. And that’s why reviews are so important.

Getting reviews can be quite tricky. We don’t want to pester our customers.

but, if customers have had a bad experience, the first thing they do I shout about it online.

So how do you make sure you capture good reviews and limit the bad reviews?

In this blog post I will outline some of the popular strategies that are working right now to help you get more reviews for your business. 21 strategies to help you get more reviews on Google.

Before I dive into the strategies, I would like to explain;

3 reasons why reviews are important

As I have already briefly mentioned, reviews are important because we tend trust peoples experiences over what a company says about itself.

I have this great example of a certain website builder provider who claim to be amazing. you may have heard about them, Wix. Look what Wix says about itself.

Wix thinks its a great website builder

We have reliable web hosting, best SEO, top security, dedicated support team.

Should you believe this? Nope. You should go and check out their reviews.

When you check out reviews for services, please be aware of fake reviews. I just typed into Google ‘Wix reviews’ and the first few results that come up are sites who claim to review Wix but really they are affiliates and if you click through to Wix they get a commission.

That’s why trusted review sites like Google or TrustPilot offer you some reassurance that the reviews are genuine.

First I went to TrustPilot to check out the Wix Reviews. They were shocking. This just goes to show you that people like to leave bad reviews if they are upset.

Wix bad reviews on Trustpilot

If you read them you can see over an again that what Wix states ion its website isn’t how the customers experience it.

The customers word will always preside over the companies word.

That leads me to the first reason why reviews are important.

They give credibility to your claims via social proof.

Now, onto the second reason. If you think reviews on Google are good for SEO, then you are correct.

But, a review can be anywhere, not just Google to help with SEO. Let me explain…

Google can see your reviews on any website. TrustPilot, Facebook, Google etc. obviously, any reviews on your Google my business page will be beneficial in terms of SEO but can reviews on sites like TrustPilot help your SEO too? I believe they do.

When some one reviews your business your brand gets a ‘mention’ and I believe mentions improve your SEO if they carry a positive sentiment. Now, of course in SEO no one can say for 100% certainty but mentions and sentiment can be measured. And, if Google is already using reviews on Google my business, why wouldn’t they look at other trusted review sites? I think they would.

If you implement reviews on your website using schema data then Google may decide to show your review stars in the search results.

I have added a few reviews to my product page and yo can see how my entry in the search engine results stands out from the others.

Now when I go my Google Webmasters Tools account I can see this ‘rich snippets’ is getting attention.

I have had 84 clicks to my website because of my rich snippet being shown. The queries below are for ‘rich results’.  Unfortunately I can’t say how this page would have done without the rich snippets but it makes sense that the rich snippets have helped.

SEO services reviews rich results

So, the second reason reviews are important is;

They give your SEO a boost and bring more traffic to your site.

Finally, the third reason they are important is they speed up the customer journey. This means that with a few reviews your customers are more willing to buy and less likely to continue shopping around.

If you strategically place a review on your sales page just when your potential customer is thinking of objections then your review can quickly answer any objections and help your potential customer move forward.

So the third reason is;

They speed up the customer journey.

[As we all know, life gets in the way sometimes, I’ll be returning to this blog post to complete it soon!]

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