How to quickly build a one page website

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Build & Maintain, Divi, Websites

In this blog post I want to explain how to quickly build a one page website in WordPress.

If you are just starting out in business you may have beed told to ‘just build a landing page’ rather than a fully blown website.

After a bit of research you may have found tools that build landing pages such as Lead Pages or Click Funnels.

Don’t use them. They are expensive.

It is really easy to build a landing page or one page website in WordPress for a fraction of the cost.

Plus, you get on the WordPress learning curve that I really recommend you get on. Learning how to use WordPress is a skill that will save you thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours in the future.

Starting with a one page website is a perfect introduction.

So, let me get started with my guide on how to quickly build a one page WordPress website.

By the way – this is just a collection of other peoples content to help you get started. I’ve just put it in a logical order for you.

Buy your domain name

There are so many domain registration accounts you could register your name at. I use but who you choose isn’t too important. Once you set up your website you don’t need to talk to these guys again.

Sign up for a hosting account.

I recommend Siteground mainly because they will really help you out if you get stuck on installing WordPress. Their prices are really reasonable for the support they offer and if you are going to be a website DIY-er then you need a host who offers strong support.

Only pay for the hosting – you don’t need anything else. Don’t add any extras.

Install WordPress on your hosting account

The instructions for this may vary according to who you bought your hosting from.

Here are the instructions for Siteground. 

If you have chosen a good hosting package they should provide your instructions and they should support you while you install WordPress.

Buy a premium theme, I recommend Divi

A theme is necessary as it enables you to build your website. If you have heard lots of people complain how hard WordPress can be, it is often because they have chosen a difficult to use theme or they have no way of getting support when they use a theme. This is quite often the case with free themes.

Divi is really well supported, there is a Facebook group and online forum for help. There is a bit of a learning curve at the start but this is really normal for any theme on any type of website, not just WordPress.

Upload your theme and activate it

Once you have bought and downloaded the theme to your computer, you need to upload it to your website.

Elegant Themes, the guys who created Divi have created this tutorial for you here.

Create a one page layout

To create a one page layout there are a few settings you need configure first.

Elegant Themes have a tutorial here for how to create a one page website.

How to get support if you struggle

If you have bought the theme you can ask them directly for support in the support forum.

There are also a few Facebook groups to help you – just search for Divi in Facebook and you will find them.

If you want to take it one step further and be supported while you build a whole website then get in touch with me. I have some Workshops that will help you plan, build and maintain your WordPress website.


This is a good place to start with WordPress.

One of the biggest challenges you will face is what to include on your website so think carefully about it before you start.

If you would like some help putting together your first page then you may be interested in an online challenge that I run to give you a taste of what WordPress and Divi are like, without the commitment of buying a hosting account or a theme.

Contact me if you are interested in taking the challenge.

If you find you can’t build a one page website and it is too overwhelming for you, either you need 1 to 1 support, which is something I offer, or you are better off having the website built for you. Either way, feel free to contact me so I can help you move forward with the solution that is best for you.




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