I have spent a few hours optimising my site for desktop viewing. I managed to get my Google PageSpeed score to 90 and get a grade B (87) with a load time of 1.06 seconds from Pingdom tools.

Now I am happy, I am going to look at the mobile optimisations I should be making to make my site load quickly in mobile browsers.

As you are probably already aware, mobile traffic is rapidly increasing and so it becomes important to make sure your site can load fast on mobile devices.

Currently, my site is not doing so well.

Mobile optimisation

I enabled the mobile caching setting in the WP_Rocket WordPress plugin.

Improved Mobile Optimised Performance

This had the desired effect and the performance increased.

PageSpeed Mobile Optimised Performance


As you can see from the message, it still needs work but the recommendations are now exactly the same as for desk top and I am not going to spend any more time on those. I am happy with this for now.

My opinion of mobile load speed optimisation is there is still a little way to go regarding speedy networks so until I see that my slow loading site is affecting my websites ability to generate leads and sales I will end my optimisations here.




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