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If you have an email account that your website hosting is providing and you think it has suddenly stopped working then here are a few steps for you to take.

Quite often the server hasn’t gone down, it is the connection from the server to your email program eg. Outlook that is the problem.

Send yourself a test email

From another email account, send yourself a test email (to the account you think has gone down).

Check your webmail program for the test email

If you have an email account provided by your hosting account you should have a webmail program. if you are not sure type in www.yourdomain.com/webmail or webmail.yourdomain.com

You should be taken to a webmail login screen. Webmail is basically direct access to your mail server. Use your email address and password to login. Once you have logged in you may be asked to choose an email program to read your email, you may see ‘Roundcube’ or ‘Squirrelmail’. Choose a program so you can see your email.

If your sever is OK you should find your test email waiting for you. If your email is not there and it is not at your third part email tool then you might be over your quota.

Check you have not run out of email space / quota

Log into your CPanel and check the quota. See this article for more information.


If you are over your limit, increase your limit or delete some emails.

Still got problems?

If you have checked the above and still do not receive an email then you have a problem with your server and you should contact your hosting provider.

Aside: If your email account is empty except your test email, this means you are downloading your emails from the server into your third party email program (e.g Outlook). This is perfectly fine. The existence of the test email proves your third party email program has stopped fetching and downloading the emails.


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