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Q and A for Google Search Console

How do I access the old Google Search Console?

This link below will take you to the old version of Google Webmaster Tool / Google Search Console.

How do I know if my site has verified in Google Search Console?

You can check the verification status of your property in either the new or the old Google search console.

The old Google Search Console

From the ‘Home’ page in the old Google search console, identify the property you wish to check from the list of properties you see on the home page. If your property is unverified you will see a label on the website image that reads ‘Not verified’.  If it is verified there will be no label. 


The new Google Search Console

If you click in left hand corner of Google Search Console on your property name e.g,  a drop down panel will appear with all the properties you have added. If any are unverified, they will appear at the bottom under a section titled ‘Unverified’. If you do not see this unverified section then you can be confident all of your properties are verified.

Identifying unverified properties in google search console

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