Measuring the conversion rate of your landing page is not as tricky as it might sound. There are 3 steps to the process.

  1. Make sure you have Google analytics installed. I am really hoping you have done this if you are thinking about creating landing pages. If you haven’t you should take at look at my hierarchy of web needs. It explains why websites should be built following an order of defined needs. Analytics is one of those very early web needs and should be considered before landing pages.
  2. Measure the number of unique visitors to your landing page for a given time period.  From your analytics dashboard go to Behaviour -> Site Content -> Landing Pages. Find your landing page in the list and look at the number of new users for that page.                       Measure you landing page conversion rate
  3. Next you need to measure the number of people that actually took action on your landing page. Count the number of opt-ins or sign ups or whatever the goal was of the landing page.
  4. Finally, calculate your conversion rate. Step 3 / Step 2 X 100 . This will give you your conversion rate as a percentage.

It is sensible to measure this frequently and keep track of it. Measuring is the only way to identify if you are leaving money on the table.

If you are having trouble calculating this, contact me to help you out.


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