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Retargeting using Facebook and Google

[Growing your biz and making more money with a double whammy FB / Google retargeting strategy – one of many reasons you need to sort your website out]

Look, I don’t want to beat around the bush here.

If you want to scale your business in a way that doesn’t suck all your time and energy, you need to improve your website.

Sure you can get a few clients here and there without your website but when you need to fill a group program or have more quality calls to sell your high end services it becomes a numbers game.


Because you need to be picky! And you can’t be picky if you are only getting one enquiry a week – who might not even be suitable for you.

You need to up your chances by upping the number of people who see you online.

Yes you can boost your posts or go live in your group every day but you really need to be getting your calls to action in front of the right people at the right time.

You do this by building warm and hot audiences away from Facebook. I’m not knocking Facebook, it sure helps me grow my business but I’m talking about when you need to scale.

A simple brochure website thrown together just won’t help you.

In fact, it will cost you money.

As you grow people WILL check your website.

As you grow you WILL want to create more content so you can spread your message.

As you grow you will have more offers to make.

Your website needs to built in a way that can keep up with your growing business.

You WILL be sending more people to your website.

People who visit your site know you and like you, they are valuable and form your warm and hot audiences for you to put your offers in front of.

But if you don’t start building those audiences NOW – that’s a lot of wasted opportunity!

*** THE ‘HOW TO’ BIT ***

So, how to build these audiences.

Identify the pages on your website that valuable visitors would go to, i.e sales page, testimonials page – this means they are interested in your business and may be ready to buy.

Then in Facebook ads manager, set up a Facebook audience for people that are visiting that page.

Then create an ad that specifically targets these people and adds further value. e.g. “I saw you looking at my sales page, here is a testimonial from Laura who had greats results after buying this program, you can get these results too. Buy now…”

Now, most people will stop there (but since Ive been working in Google Adwords a while, here is a bonus tip).

Set up re-marketing audiences in AdWords. Targeting people who have visited the same page.

Create a similar ad as before.

BOOM. Double whammy. Your offer will be out there like no one elses!

How is that for visibility. Not just doing cold traffic activities, but actually getting your sales offers in front of the right people at the right time.

The good thing is ad costs for these audiences are much lower than for cold traffic so it’s a cost effective way to get those sales that might have otherwise slipped through the net.

I’ve seen clicks for pennies on Google Adwords for retargeting ads.

Good luck if you give it a go, let me know how you get on.

Karen x

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