graph showing increased clicks to website from rich snippets
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How adding rich snippets (schema markup data) increased the number of views of my clients website

My client came to me with a problem. Their search traffic had been in decline for months and their enquiries were non existent.

After an in-depth SEO audit, I could see the website had no structured data (also known as rich snippets).

My clients website was built on WIX and they were having problems implementing structured data and rich snippets. He asked me to provide the structured data, which I happily did.

I created the structured data for;

  • Local business
  • Service
  • Reviews
  • Person

And my client added these to his site.

The results were as follows;

His rich snippets had been shown 6,160 times over the last 28 days and they had generated an extra 190 clicks to his website in the last 28 days compared to the previous 28 days when there was no structured data on his site.

graph showing increased clicks to website from rich snippets

Rich snippets make you stand out in the search engines when you are on page 1 of Google.  You don’t need to be in position 1 to get the clicks, you just need to stand out.

My client may have got some of the clicks anyway but one thing is for sure, rich snippets can only increase your chance of getting the clicks and every click helps 🙂

If you want help with your rich snippets just drop me an email and I will help you out.

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