On my Facebook business page this week I covered some SEO basics that are called the 3 SEO pillars. They are;

Pillar 1: Technical SEO.

This involves making sure your website has no technical issues that prevent your site from being crawled and indexed.

Pillar 2: On Page SEO.

This involves making sure your content is structured properly so search engines can understand it.

Pillar 3: Off Page SEO.

This involves promoting your content so people read, share and link to it.

Keyword Research for SEO.



Where to start with SEO?

You can't do SEO without tools!

Tool 1: I highly recommend getting the free version of SEMRush. A free tool where you can see all the errors on your site. This is perfect for small websites of up to 100 pages.  Sign up here for your FREE trial 

Tool 2: You need Google Analytics! It's free! Go to my YouTube channel where you will find some free training on setting up Google analytics.

You can also check out my blog articles about Google Analytics ->> Check out the Google Analytics blog

Tool 3: You need Google Webmasters Tools (aka Google Search Console) ->> Sign up here it's FREE

Take a look through my glossary and familiarise yourself with the SEO jargon.  Simple Search Engine Optimisation Glossary

Need personalised support? 

That's what I'm here for, contact me when you are ready for a personalised approach.




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