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A simple explanation of qualitative and quantitative data

What is QUANTITATIVE data?

This is data that is a numerical count of quantities and is focused on measurement. This data is gathered by performing quantitative research. Accuracy of data depends on the tools and methods used to capture data.

Google Analytics is the place to gather your quantitative data.


What is QUALITATIVE data?

This is descriptive data that explains reasons behind the qualitative data and is focused on understanding. This is often much harder to gather and interpret because it is dealing with opinions, motivations and emotions.

Some ways to collect qualitative data are;

  • Customer surveys. This is a survey that you email out to your customers. You can use a tool like https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk to collect survey responses.
  • Customer development interviews. These are very detailed one on one interviews that you should record.
  • Website exit polls. This is an short questionnaire your website visitor sees when then exit your website. I use www.hotjar.com to set up exit polls for my clients.
  • Live chat. This is your chance to get feedback from your website users as they use your website.
  • Website user testing. This tests how users are moving around on your website and uses things like heat maps and scroll maps to gather data. This is also quantitative because it is gathering numbers of things, such as how many people scrolled to the bottom of your page, but it is still qualitative because you still need to apply your own intuition to get insights and the ‘why’ from the data.
  • Website user live feedback. This is feedback from actual users as they use your website. This is different to website user testing because these users are paid to go through your website and feedback on everything they do. You can find users at https://www.usertesting.com 

Data gathering and analysis is the foundation of growing your business. It is the first thing I do when I take a client onboard for optimisation services. If you would like me to help you set up your data tools and analyse your data please get in touch with me today.




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